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Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The article was written by Katherine Poythers and was posted on July 28, 2012. According to the author of the article, National City, a suburb in An Diego County leaders try to convince both homeowners and business owners to work together to get rid of the businesses that pose health and safety hazards to their neighbors. The main reason for the eviction is because National City is known to be one of the cities that have the highest asthma rates in San Diego County, which the coalition attributes to the fact that pollutants producing industrial businesses are intermingled with homes, schools, and parks. Therefore, the Environmental Health Coalition and several parents of Kimball Elementary School students want the city to eliminate polluters near the school immediately. The City Council has pass a law known as an Amortization Ordinance to provide for the removal of businesses that do not conform with new zoning codes. Now the city begins the difficult task of prioritizing which businesses to eliminate first, and how. This latest report features a ranked list of 145 businesses that no longer conform to approve land uses in National City.

This article is reliable and can be considered as accurate in terms of its quality that is the wording, tone and a credible website. It is a recent article which addresses some of the issues the environment is facing especially pollution. It is also trying to come with solutions that can fix the issue by asking for people’s opinion. Katherine Poythers the author is not an ordinary person who posts articles on blogs and other uncredible websites. She is a reporter, photographer and has been posting news on professional newspapers. She also investigates about health issues. Her article includes other people’s interview and comments, which makes the article more credible and something to believe in.

The main issue raised in this article is the National City leaders trying to eliminate...
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