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Topics: Online dating service, Question, Rhetorical question Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Brandyn Green
Honors Composition II
September 21, 2012
SAR Paper
In the essay “Digital Dating: Desperation or Necessity?” author Christine Hassler addresses the stigma held by the younger generation about the use of online dating. Hassler argues that in this age most communications are ruled by technology. She points out that those in their 20s are the generation that founded social websites such as Facebook and MySpace, therefor there should be no stigma surrounding other online resources. Though Hassler cautions to be smart while dating online she believes one should be open to the possibilities it may bring. Online dating allows you to get to know a person without superficial judgments to get in the way. In closing she warns, “be who you are on and off line.”

Hassler opens the essay as if she is responding to a submission to an advice column, which is effective because it allows the author to really hone in and relate to the audience. The author also makes use of a rhetorical question in the fourth paragraph when she asks the reader “what do you gain by trying online dating, and what do you lose by not trying it?” The use of this technique is successful because based on Hassler’s previous reasoning the reader is able to answer this question for themselves even before Hassler goes on to give an answer. Later the author quotes the co-founder of an online dating site which works because it as the as Hassler states gives “some insight” from someone who is actively involved in the workings of dating online.

I agree with the author’s stance on this issue. The internet is a resource that this generation is lucky enough to have instant access to. It should be uses as a tool and a resource especially when it comes to meeting people and dating. It should not be a person’s only option and it should not be considered only as a last resort. A mix of both online relationships and relationships in real life are essential in this day and age. There are so many...
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