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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Artificial Intelligence

Question for reviews
1. What is knowledge? Why experts usually have detailed knowledge of a limited area of a specific domain. What do we mean by heuristic? Knowledge is something theoretical or practical understanding the subject, which can include facts, information, descriptions or skills. Knowledge is the sum of what is currently known. 2. What is a production rule? Give an example and define two basic parts of the production rule. Production rule is a mechanism necessary to execute productions in order to achieve some goal for the system; it’s a type of knowledge representation. The rules can express relation, recommendations, directives, strategies, and heuristic. Production rule represented in two basic parts; as sensory precondition (IF Statement) and an action (THEN). When the condition holds true, then the action is taken. Example: IF temperature < 20o C turn on the heating

IF temperature > 20o C turn off the heating
3. List and describe the five major players in the expert system development team. What is the role of knowledge engineer? There are five major players in the expert system development team, such; * The Domain expert; is a person who is an expert in particular area with special knowledge or skills in particular area of Endeavour. In expert system, domain expert supplies the knowledge base * The Knowledge engineer; is the one who assists the expert to determining the representation of knowledge. * The Programmer:

* The Project Manager;
* The End-User; is the individual who used the system for its problem solving assistance. It is knowledge engineer role to designs, builds, and test an expert system. Capture the knowledge, established the reasoning methods, and who defines the interface technique required to solved the problem. 4. What is an expert system shell? Explain why the use of the expert system shell can dramatically reduce the development time of an expert system....
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