Reverdie Recitation

Topics: Phrase, Sentence, Debut albums Pages: 1 (425 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Reverdie Recitation
I wanted to recite this poem to my father in father’s day last Sunday and I did it. Before I started memorizing the poem, I wanted to understand it very well. At the beginning, it cost me a little bit to understand the meaning of all those words and the poem in general, but after I read the poem a few times I could finally understand the meaning of the poem and what was the author trying to say. After I understood the poem, I started memorizing it. It cost me a few hours because this is the first time that I am reading books related to English literature, so all those words are phrases are totally new to me. Also, it took me while to memorize the poem because some of the lines had some words that do not make sense when they are written in the same phrase or sentence. After, I memorized all the poem and I understood word by word, I started practicing in front of the mirror and when I had nothing to do, because I really wanted to impress my father by reciting this in poem in his day. When I was reciting this poem, my father was making like a funny face because he did not understand a word of what I was saying. Before I started reciting the poem, I did not tell him that the poem was going to be with old English words, so he was not like prepared for a poem like this one. After, I recited the poem one more time, I tried to explain him the meaning of this poem, but after I explained it to him a few more times he could finally understood it. Also, I talked to him about Chaucer and the tales, so he could have a better idea of the context of the poem. I think that he really understood the poem when I explained to him from when the poem was and who the author was. This type of experience was new to me because this was my first reciting a poem like this. Also, I do not remember when was the last time that I recited a poem in front of my father, so I remembered the good times that I had when I was in high school. In overall, this was a good experience...
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