Retail Marketing: Store Location for Globus

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Group Project Question –
Choose a retail organisation (of retail goods e.g. a supermarket) has approached your group with a brief to research and analyse their retail marketing strategy and to prepare a report based on your analysis. You are required to select a retailer from the list of retailers given in this document and conduct a strategic review of the retail offering, making recommendations for improvements. You may focus on a particular aspect of their strategy rather than a broad overview. For example, you might want to examine their strategy on say store format and location or online marketing strategy. You have a free choice but it is recommended that you should tackle an issue in depth rather than do something very broad and superficial. You are required to focus on any one of the following aspect related with the retail marketing strategy.  

1.Introduction –3
1.1.Research Objectives –3
1.2.Methodology of research –3
2.Literature Review –5
2.1.Retailing –5
2.2.Retail Marketing: Store Location –5
2.3.Important characteristics of Store Location –6
2.3.1.Population of probable customers in the region –6
2.3.2.Evaluation of the existing competition level –6
2.3.3.Closeness to the potential customers –7
2.3.4.Closeness to the potential employees –7
2.3.5.Transportation facilities available –7
2.3.6.Location image in synergy with the company’s brand –7 2.4.Location Positioning –8
3.Store Location At Globus –9
3.1.Globus as a brand –9
3.2.Globus Store at East Delhi –9
3.3.Globus Store at NOIDA –10
4.Conclusion and Recommendations –11

The introductory section of this report is aimed at introducing the topic of research to the readers and show the readers what is about to come in the report. In this research the company which has been selected is that of Globus and the area of retail marketing which has been chosen in here is that of Store location. In this chapter the research would provide the readers with objectives behind conducting this research and the methodology adopted for this research as well.

Store location is one of the key success factors for any of the companies in retailing business and that is what we are going to investigate in this research as to how important is store location for one of India’s largest clothing retail chain, Globus. In this paper the authors would ensure at investigating various this which are taken into account while selecting the correct location for the business. In this paper the focus is on Globus selected its store location for its stores in New Delhi and the National capital Region and how it impacts their overall potential to be successful or not. In this paper their store locations for two o their stores, one in East Delhi and other one in Noida has been taken for research. Researches in the past have conducted a lot on the marketing component of “Place” and how the Location of a place is of such importance. In this paper this is taken forward and the Store Location and its importance in modern day retailing is being discussed

The research methodology adopted in this research paper by the authors are aimed at exploring that how retail store location helps a company in its business and how it is a strategy of key success factor for them. Thus the research approach which has been selected in this paper by the authors is that of an Exploratory Research which is aimed at exploring this very thing. For this very purpose the authors have selected two of Globus’s best selling stores, one in east Delhi and other one in Noida and they are being analyzed from the perspective of a store location. The data has been collected in this research from both the primary as well as the secondary modes of data collection with a special focus given to the primary data collection as it is the key to analysis in...
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