Restaurant Operation Management

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Restaurant Operation Management

This project is about us being hired as a restaurant manager of a new American ethnic restaurant. It has a seating capacity of 80, which it serves mainly American cuisine accompanied with various types of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. The operation time is from 11am – 1am and our target market would consist of 50% local and 50% tourist. As restaurant manager, we are assigned to produce a proposal for this upcoming restaurant which will be starting its business in three months time, which the proposal has to include the following details: * Introduction, history, background, and concept of the new restaurant * A special menu which are suitable for all the meal periods, with the reasons of selling such menu and the methods of menu marketing * Type of service to be engaged for the restaurant with supportive reasons * Staff training in regards to the type of service engaged * Organization chart for the restaurant and job responsibilities for every personnel * Proposed restaurant layout plan and restaurant name

Upon the completion of this report, we will be able to understand the overall responsibilities of being a restaurant manager with all the important management activities and tactics covered throughout the assignment progress.

Generally, this report covers the essentialities of restaurant operations management, which it helps to detail out what a restaurant manager must know to operate a successful foodservice business. It has addressed all the important aspects that every restaurant manager should understand before the business is planned and implemented, as it is operated, and as on-going daily challenges are managed.

Further to that, the task that has been assigned to us provides us a great opportunity to gain a better understanding on the restaurant operations management, particularly in the aspects of planning, organizing, coordinating, staffing, directing, controlling, and evaluating. Besides, there are more than just that to be learned about, which these are not only some general business management activities as mentioned earlier, but it involves several other foodservice-specific information, which consists of menu planning, purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing, kitchen production (preparation, cooking and holding), serving (moving final food and beverages products from production to service staff), and service (service staff delivering the products to the customers).


IIIMain Report Content
* Introduction, Background and History
* Special Menu
* Reasons for Selling the Special Menu
* Menu Marketing
* Types of Service
* Staff Training
* Organizational Chart
* Restaurant Layout Plan

In the days of 21st century, restaurants have always been a significant part in our lives, as dining out is now a favourite and unavoidable social activity. Everyone likes to enjoy being surrounded with good food in the pleasant company of friends, which thus making eat-out became a way of life for us as when can see more meals are eaten out than being taken at home.

Having to realise the importance of this foodservice industry as it serves to fulfil one of the most basic needs in human being, all restaurants entrepreneurs are striving at their best to serve their customers to highest satisfaction level possible. However, the restaurant business is never as easy as it seemed for others, in fact it could be even more challenging than some other industries. One must possess sufficient relevant knowledge and skills background in restaurant operation to be able to continue to stay successful in foodservice industry.

The history of restaurants can be traced back to 300 years ago, where in the mid-1700s, a Frenchman called M. Boulanger began selling soups which he suggested that were...
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