Responsibilities of Personal Protection

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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Responsibilities of Personal Protection
To understand the responsibilities of personal protection one must first understand what personal protection is. Once this is established one can begin to discuss the responsibilities and duties of personal protection, the rationale for personal protection, and finally, the history, and evolution of security and personal protection. Personal protection is important in the security industry and a profession that continues to change and evolve. Personal protection protects individuals and groups who many not be able to protect themselves from horrific events, such as harassment, assault, molestation, and many other harmful activities. Besides people, it also refers to the protection of property and assets. Rationale

The rationale of personal security stems from the rationale that people will commit crimes if it is in their best interest. This is known as the Rational Choice Theory, first presented by Ronald V. Clarke and Derek B. Cornish in 1986 (International Foundation for Protection Officers, 2010). In this theory the offender will use the decision-making process and weight the positives and negatives of committing a specific act. The ultimate goal is to benefit oneself through criminal behavior. The motivations for this criminal behavior could political driven, power driven, financial driven, or purely based on revenge.

For these reasons organizations and individuals alike have a want and need for personal security. Personal security is designed and developed by organizations and individuals to protect their assets from being lost, stolen, destroyed, or damaged. According to the International Foundation for Protection Officers (2010) the assets protected include: * People- employees, clients, visitors, and patients

* Property- real estate, facilities, raw material, equipment, and merchandise * Information- personnel records, employee information, organizational plans, and data * Image- built through...
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