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Ques:-Define attitude. How attitude is formed in an organization? How attitude can be changed in an organization? Ans:-Attitude may n\be defines as the way a person feels about something-a person, a place, a commodity, a situation or an idea. It expresses and individual’s positive or negative feeling about some object. FORMATION OF ATTITUDE

A) Psychological Factors:- Every human being is made up of his perception, ideas, beliefs, values, etc. It has a major role in determining a person’s attitudes. Foe example if employee posses the value of commitment to his work, he would be committed towards his work even if condition in the organization is not favoring him. B) Family factors: - Influence of family and friends are very high on any individual as he spends a major part of his lifetime with them. Every family wishes to instill the values or perception in the individual thereby creating a readymade attitude of an individual towards a particular object or situation. C) Social Factors:- Societies differ in terms of language,culture,norms,values,beliefs etc,all of which influences a person’s attitude. D) Organizational Factors-Organizational factors such as nature of job, office layout, quality of supervision, monetary awards etc play a major role in shaping the job attitude of a person. E) Economic Factors- Government’s economic policies and country’s economic conditions also affect the attitude of a person towards issues like work, marriage, working women, etc. F) Political Factors-Political factors such as ideologies of the political parties, political stability, etc affect the attitudes of the people.

Attitude once formed is very difficult to change as there is resistance on the part of the people to change. But, since attitudes are acquired through the process of learning, they can also be changed through the process of education. In this process leadership plays an important role. To be more...
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