Resource Identification

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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Resource Identification
Resource Identification
Learning is a process that can be difficult or easy, depending on two main variables; the student and the available resources. These resources determine the learning curve of the student. Even if the student is intelligent and the learning tools are not sufficient, things may become difficult. Students should be able to get help whenever a difficult situation arrives. Easy access to these tools is key component for the success of students. The most beneficial resources are detailed in this paper. APA Information and Samples

The first and one of the most beneficial resources available is the APA Information and Samples section in the Center of Writing Excellence (Apollo Group Inc, 2008). The APA Sample Paper is an excellent guide for students who need information on how to format their paper. This sample paper can prove useful when students are in the process of writing their paper and want to find out how to format according to APA, how to use citations and how to provide references. The APA Reference and Citations document illustrates “in-text citations and references for books” (Apollo Group Inc, 2008) and other sources. Citation examples are readily available for reference. Before starting a paper, students are encouraged to use the ‘APA Title Page Template’. The template is properly formatted and students can get started immediately. All these APA resources can prove to be very helpful. Center for Writing Excellence

A large variety of tools are provided to students in order to improve their writing skills. Some of these tools are new features that are designed to be used repeatedly. ‘My Papers’ is a place where reviewed papers are stored for students. The following four resources are the primary features of ‘Center of Writing Excellence’. WritePointSM. WritePoint is a tool that finds grammar mistakes and provides feedback by “inserting comments into the text...
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