Resource Exhaustion

Topics: Peak oil, Wind power, Renewable energy Pages: 4 (1238 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Over the past few decades, our world has been facing massive changes caused by human activities. Humanity has advanced in technology and as a result we have lots of new utilities which we did not have fifty years ago. Such as, cellphones, computers, rapid transportation, advanced machines. As you can understand, these technological devices are in a voracious hunger of energy. People use those devices happily and comfortably at the same time count themselves lucky to have them. However, they rarely think about what gives them energy to run. They often think our energy resources are unlimited and never come to an end. Unfortunately, the reality is not that good. Our current energy resources are mainly fossil fuels ,such as oil, gas, coal, are completely finite and they started to deplete due to overuse. Therefore, they will run out not many years later. Just another few decades, then they will be gone forever. We are now in a very critical position that we must find other ways and solutions to satisfy our hunger and to maintain our lives, as soon as possible; otherwise the consequences will be harsh and devastating for the next generations. To begin with, essay will focus on the reasons behind resource exhaustion and how actually severe our current state is. The main reason of the problem is nearly all of our technology depends on energy which is provided by non-renewable energy sources. Over 65% of all electricity production is using fossil fuels as source. (‘Electricity Generation from Fossil Fuels’). As you can see, we are almost completely dependent on fossil fuels to produce the essence of our society: electricity. However, global proved reserves of oil were sufficient to meet 54 years of today’s production and for natural gas that figure is 64 years. (‘BP Energy Outlook 2030, 2013’). We have these resources for only another hundred years at maximum. Then, our devices will be powerless because our current resources almost have no alternative....
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