Con Side of Off Shore Drilling

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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The Con Side of Off Shore Drilling
When I first decided to write on this topic I really didn’t understand any con side of it but, as the research went on I found tons of reasons for it not to happen. There are many things that go into off shore drilling including experience which very few people or companies have in the U.S. since it has been banned. It also has to keep in mind all the environmental problems that go along with drilling in the ocean as well. The off shore drilling has been tried and failed off the U.S. coast before so what is the positive for doing it now. The main con side for drilling of the U.S. coast is the way our oceans support our country through food, energy, and just the all-round beauty and enjoyment of our nation’s beaches.

When I started the research into the negative reaction off shore drilling would have on the environment I was very surprised that is was even being considered. Like most people I spent most of my vacations as a child at the beach. If we start allowing drilling to occur then one spill could wipe out quite a few of our beautiful beaches and end the vacations for years. Let’s start at the BP spill off the coast of Louisiana. That spill all started because the number three engine took in highly carbonated air and it mixed with the fuel mixture and blew up. When it blew up it killed all the generators which in turn stopped them from being able to cap the well and detach from it. There is an EDS system that the off shore oil rigs use to disconnect from the well on the ocean floor but, it is electronic. If the generators go out then the EDS doesn’t work because there is no manual override and that is when we have a massive oil spill.

The con list for offshore drilling just keeps going on to the fact that the oil companies don’t have a good way to clean up any spills. Just like the Exxon-Valdez oil spill, that happened over twenty years ago now, we still can’t stop the spread of oil in the ocean after the oil has been...
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