Research Your Favorite Instrument on the Web

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Assignment 3: Research Your Favorite Instrument On The Web
A. Task

The purpose of this assignment is to develop critical thinking in your approach to researching your instrument of choice on the web. You may choose from any of the instruments mentioned in the course.

For this assignment you are asked to SUMMARIZE or CRITIQUE the various features of each of the ten web sites NOT to simply copy and paste information directly from each site into your submission. Please don't just list a lot of historical or biographical information. You should describe each of the ten sites and discuss the various interactive and web features of each one. You can think of this assignment as if you were writing a review or critique of the 10 different sites. Here are some things for you to consider as you summarize each of the ten sites:

Why did you choose the site and what features distinguish it from others? Are there audio links or interesting links to other sites? How is the site organized? What were the topics covered in the site? Are there interactive media links that demonstrate various features of the instrument? What did you learn from your research? I'm not particularly interested in seeing how cleverly you can rewrite historical information or how well you can paraphrase an entry from a Wikipedia composer biography. Hopefully, your research will go well beyond typing in keywords in the Wikipedia search engine!

B. Process
Decide which instrument you are going to research. The choice of an instrument should be made AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in order to allow the most time for research. Do research on the selected instrument: Research two (2) sites in each of the five categories in (A) above. Submit the 10 sites you have come up with in your research, along with a paragraph for each category summarizing their features and why you chose them.

Written Work:
History and/or Manufacturers:
Information about well-known makers and the instrument's history. If you choose the voice, you can obviously skip the manufacturers, and concentrate on the history.

1, Steinway Piano,madin in Steinway & Sons
History: Steinway & Sons, also known as Steinway , is an American and German manufacturer of handmade pianos, and subcontracted pianos from suppliers sold under secondary names. Steinway was founded 1853 in Manhattan in New York City by German immigrant Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (later Henry E. Steinway).The company's growth led to the opening of a factory and company town in what is now the Astoria section of Queens in New York City and a factory in Hamburg, Germany.Steinway is a prominent piano company,known for making pianos of high quality and for its influential inventions within the area of piano development.The company holds a royal warrant by appointment to Queen Elizabeth II.

Steinway pianos have been recognized with numerous awards.One of the first official recognitions was a gold medal won in 1855 at the American Institute Fair at the New York Crystal Palace just two years after the company's foundation.In 1855–62 Steinway pianos received 35 gold medals.Several awards and recognitions have followed, including 3 medals at the 1867 Exposition Universelle in Paris.Steinway has been granted 126 patents in piano making; the first patent was achieved in 1857.Most of the patents have expired.

Other than the expensive Steinway & Sons piano brand, Steinway markets two less expensive brands: Boston for the mid-level market and Essex for the entry-level market. The Boston and Essex pianos are made using low-cost components and labor and are produced in Asia by other piano manufacturers.

And now, Steinway is dedicated to the ideal of making the finest pianos in the world. The result is instruments renowned for their unsurpassed quality. Pianos with such superior sound and responsive touch that they enchant the most demanding pianists.

2, Stradivari violin, made in Antonio...
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