Research Question

Topics: Urban design, Developing country, Flood Pages: 3 (602 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Topic of research
Flooding coping and cultural identity

research question
How urban design principle can be made to cope the flooding disaster ,keeping cultural identity in the developing world :case study in Bangkok and its metropolitan ?

Background information

1.1 Flooding
Worldwide, flooding disaster is the leading reason of harms from natural vulnerabilities . It is a greater number of harmful events than any other type of natural event. Flood damage evident are increasing more frequent and intensive

Bangkok and its metropolitan and Flooding disaster
For flooding ,Thailand is no stranger to this natural disasters. The country has a long story of drought and flood. In the changing climate situation disaster are increasing. These are leading awareness and chorus of looking forward for the way of spatial, urban design and infrastructure development. Cultural identity

Cultural identity is the group of social or organization in individual ways which they are expected to behave in their daily life ,it is also can be aware in internal group. It also represents who you are and be the hesitate of living life.

This research aim to evaluate the urban design strategy and frame work to apply onsite in difference scale for pre-flooding in developing countries with highlighting on cultural reflections . Consequently, this would be done with the intention to * Analyze range of the methods that have been applied under various contexts involving difference response and notion. * Test and apply appropriated selection of these process to the specific area of Bangkok and its metropolitan in order to make the urban design strategy that deliver the points of research investigations objective

1 to define the meaning scope of the cultural dimension in particular relate to the water livelihood from past to current situation. to identify flooding problems and solutions from developing policy and relationship between...
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