Research Proposal on the Relationship Between Unemployment and Psychological Distress Among Graduates

Topics: Attribution theory, Great Depression, Unemployment Pages: 8 (2032 words) Published: January 30, 2013







This research project titled unemployment and psychological distress among graduates is interested in investigating the causal relationship between unemployed graduates who are seeking for job and onset or manifestation of distress symptoms. Individual are conditioned quite young to the idea of getting a job and earning a living immediately after school and on the other hand, it must be acknowledged that many graduates struggle to find a job and thousands of graduates could not even find their first job after their National Youth Service despite the certificate they posses, those who are already working are doing their best to keep their jobs while those unemployed are praying for job opportunities and these makes the two parallel incompatible objectives of the employed and the unemployed. The transition from school to work is recognized by developmental psychology as a significant phase in the maturation of young adults (graduates) it represents their initiation onto the working adult word. For the vast majority of them, their first job means a lot and determines their career; also they are no longer dependent of their parents. The question, what does he do for a living, what is your name and place of work, are normal questions surrounding introductions in a social gatherings. The unemployed usually arouse some degree of negative emotional feelings, while the employed replies in a more confident manner, such as; I am the sales rep of Jin Globals. The likelihood that the transition from school to work may be delayed by period of a prolonged unemployment is now greater than at any time since 1960s. the psychological and social consequences of such delay need to be understood because they may be damaging both to the individual and the society in general. There are many reasons for studying the effect of unemployment on young adults, in the first place, when the overall level of unemployment is high as it is during the recent recessions, it is the young adults who are affected. Although the ongoing distress may be less severe on young unemployed that the older adults. The effect of unemployment may be long lasting and produces not only a psychological damage but also negative attitude to the employed and to the society and government. Unemployment since the 1980s has come to be seen as a major problem in Nigeria, it is an emergency in the developed countries and a serious problem in the developing countries, and it affects millions of people worldwide. In fact, it is the root of the problem of many adults who indulge in crimes. It disturbs the sleep of many and to other it is around the corner. Whether employment of the 1980s should be regarded as more or less serious than these wide spread unemployment of the 1990s is open for debate, however, the level of unemployment has not reached the level of the prevalent during the great depression (adams and magnum. 1978) moreover, the physical hardship endured by the unemployed today is no doubt less severe because of improved welfare benefits. On the other hand, some writers has argued that even so, psychological distress experienced by the currently unemployed, may be greater than was the case during the last decades. Despite all the negative consequences of unemployment as a cause of a psychological distress by conceptualizing unemployment as a psychological stress that makes individual vulnerable to mental...
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