Research Proposal on How to Balance Work and Personal Life

Topics: Family, Working time, Employment Pages: 14 (4847 words) Published: November 29, 2011
The research problem as investigated will have to focus on the single parents in assessing ways and assumptions on how they can achieve a balanced life and work knowing the fact that they are working in somewhat diverse workforce. The investigation will then have to deal with single parents acquiring the appropriate time management in dividing family roles and work roles respectively. The assessment of work life balance in general notion, identifying possible factors leading to such situation for those working single parents. The study will explore on possible execution process of work life balance programs in detail and knowing its advantages to the single parents being the focus of research investigation.  The motivation behind for the study lies that it is crucial and of importance because for the people and the society as well to get involve as to why there is a need for balance work life engagement through human resource control and that the study can provide implications for the organization's role as well as manager's role in achieving the balance act for life and work among employees and that single parents are one in the group.  

The study implies process of awareness in reaching balance work life as there is a need for single parents being employees also, to achieve balance in their lives receiving attention and the employers are paying lip service to it. As of the present, companies have created such policies that recognize the balance issue but these policies are often ignored like for instance, such conference organizer had developed a conference on work and home life balance because it was an issue but have to cancel it due to lack of registrants on the matter.  

1. How can balance work life assumptions are of help and provide effective means to single parents working in complex milieu? 2. What are differences as well as similarities of work life balance among single parents as compared to those married parents – those who have companion? In what instances? Cite Examples 3. Is there any human resource activities and programs that cater to the issues and challenges of attaining a balance work life for the parents of general status? if none, what possible programs are applicable?  

There is a need to carefully assess and evaluate through research and empirical observation based from related studies, the balanced work life of single parents working in extraneous type of milieu for the execution and finding out valid and reliable outcomes comparing the balance work life of single parents as compared to parents having their respective partners or companions in order to realize and gain accurate application such HR programs and or activities in responding to the need of incorporating a balance work life among parents  The latter point needs to be considered and be investigated if needed so that there can achieve a well-coordinated notion for having a balance work life knowing how valuable the reality of having one and have experienced it mostly, to the single parents with more than one obligation everyday – being a parent at the same time an employee. The importance of addressing work/life problem as there is development of possible schemes that will help single parents to work better in balance condition that includes flexible work hours as well as job sharing, child care assistance and worker support programs. CRITIQUING LITERATURE REVIEW

Section 1: Summary
Despite research on the value of diversity and cultural pluralism in organizations there remains much systematic resistance to difference within workplaces (Prasad and Mills, 1997) and particular resistance to pluralistic work and career approaches which are necessary for the integration of work and family (Raabe, 1996). Issues concerning work life are increasingly termed to take account of a range of non work demands are usually conceptualized as a key aspect of managing diversity, particularly...
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