Women in Corporations- An Outlook on the Challenges Faced by Working Women

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  • Published: August 7, 2014
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This research paper is based on a very common phenomenon of our country- the work life balance of women. Previously we had an image of a loving wife and caring mother when we used to think of a Bangladeshi woman. But now things have changed a lot. Women are no more confined in the cozy corner of their homes. They are also participating in the economy. With this attachment of new role women are facing some challenges too. This research paper deals with those problems that are faced by a working woman, in both her personal life as well as professional life. Balancing both the parts is the biggest challenge for any working woman of Bangladesh. Women are now contributing in the family income. They are helping their parents and husbands to live a better life. Again their responsibilities towards their family members do not end like men. As we see in our society that, men come home and sit in front of TV or read newspaper. But a women who work the same amount outside the home, has to fulfill the duties of cooking, taking care of children, preparing their lessons as well as taking care of other family members. This dual responsibility of working in and out makes a woman’s life very difficult. Still women are trying their best to cope up with all the difficulties.

Areas of Research
What are the problems that are faced by the working women in their personal life? Working women mostly face the problem of time constraint. They also face trouble in raising children. Single women are more concerned about the lack of time for themselves. What are the problems that are faced by them in their professional life? Working women face more problems than their male colleagues. Lack of cooperation from coworkers, excessive pressure of work, gender discrimination are some common problems faced by working women in their professional life. Do they get adequate cooperation from their family members as well as colleagues?

Most of the women who are working in the...
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