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Topics: Computer, Operating system, Occupational safety and health Pages: 71 (23165 words) Published: December 5, 2012

LO1. Plan and prepare for task to be undertaken
LO2. Input data into computer
LO3. Access information using computer
LO4. Produce/output data using computer system
LO5. Maintain computer equipment and systems
* Basic ergonomics of keyboard and computer use
* Main types of computers and basic features of different operating systems * Main parts of a computer
* Storage devices and basic categories of memory
* Relevant types of software
* OH & S principles and responsibilities
* Reading skills required to interpret work instruction
* Communication skills


LO1. Follow workplace procedures for health, safety and security practices LO2. Deal with emergency situations
LO3. Maintain safe personal presentation standards
* Interpersonal skills
* Good working attitude
* Workplace health, safety and security procedures
* Emergency procedures
* Personal presentation
* Safety Practices
* Proper disposal of garbage
* Practice safety measures
* 5S Implementation
* Ability to make decision
* Time management
* Ability to offer alternative steps
* Care in handling and operating equipment


LO1. Greet customer
LO2. Identify customer needs
LO3. Deliver service to customer
LO4. Handle queries through telephone, fax machine, internet and email
LO5. Handle complaints, evaluation and recommendations
* Communication
* Interactive communication with others
* Interpersonal skills/ social graces with sincerity
* Safety Practices
* Safe work practices
* Personal hygiene
* Attitude
* Attentive, patient and cordial
* Eye-to-eye contact
* Maintain teamwork and cooperation
* Theory
* Selling/upselling techniques
* Interview techniques
* Conflict resolution
* Communication process
* Communication barriers
* Effective communication skills
* Non-verbal communication - body language
* Ability to work calmly and unobtrusively effectively * Ability to handle telephone inquiries and conversations * Correct procedure in handling telephone inquiries
* Proper way of handling complaints


What is Ergonomic Keyboard?

An ergonomic keyboard is a computer keyboard designed with ergonomic considerations to minimize muscle strain and a host of related problems. Typically such keyboards are constructed in a V shape, to allow right and left hands to type at a slight angle more natural to the human form.

What is Computer Ergonomics? 

There are a number of factors involved in ensuring your work environment is ergonomic. These involve the position of the chair you sit in, the monitor, the keyboard surface, and other general techniques to create an ideal environment, which enhances comfort and productivity.

* Adjust the height of the chair to achieve proper posture - your legs from the body should be close to parallel to the floor. * Adjust the backrest of the chair to provide support for your lower back. * Your chair should have space behind your knees while seated properly with your back against the backrest. * Proper posture means having 90-degree or higher angles at the hips and knees with feet supported by an angled footrest. MONITOR CONSIDERATIONS

* Your monitor should be directly in front of you when typing - you, the keyboard and the monitor should form a straight line. * The top of the viewing surface of the monitor should be at or below eye level. * Your monitor should be located 1' to 1 ½' from your eyes. * Use accessories such as anti-glare filters and adjusting screen angle to prevent screen glare - if you can, use softer color schemes on your monitor. Orient your workstation so that...
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