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Topics: Density, Volume, Liquid Pages: 3 (587 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Claudia S. Camacho

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The objectives of this experiment were to determine the densities of some solids and liquids and to apply the rules of significant figures in computing laboratory data.
For liquids, a dry, empty 100-ml graduated was weighed. Fifty ml of water was placed in it, then weighed again. The same was done for other liquid samples. The mass of the liquid sample was determined by subtracting the mass of the empty graduated cylinder with the mass of the cylinder and liquid.

For the density of solids, the rectangular block was weighed and the volume was determined by measuring the length, width and thickness. For spherical solid, the circumference or diameter was measured and using the specific formulas, their volume was determined.

For irregular solids, the volume was determined by water displacement method using a graduated cylinder.
( Write your results here. For example)
It was noted that the experimental density of water which was ___ gave a ___% error from the standard value of 1.0 g/ml. Ethanol gave a ___% error from the standard value of ___. For coconut oil, the error is ___ based on the standard value of ___. Rectangular block had a density of 0.856 g/ml, which indicates that it will float on water. The pebble had a density of 1.325 g/ ml suggesting that it will sink in water. The densities of objects determines whether they are pure or not and also whether they will sink or not in a given equal volume of liquid.


Densities of substances etc. (These maybe researched in books, scientific journals, etc)


For densities of liquids, a 100-ml empty and dry graduated cylinder was weighed using a triple beam balance. Fifty ml of water was placed in...
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