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Topics: Puerto Rico, Luis López Nieves, Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico Pages: 5 (1842 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Juan David Vivas
Professor Holt
ENC – 1102
Honors English
Final Research Paper

La ficción y la realidad en Seva

"Seva: History of the first U.S. invasion of the island of Puerto Rico that took place in May 1898," is a story written by Dr. Luis López Nieves that defies the boundaries of truth and fiction. This story was published on December 23, 1983 in the supplement of the newspaper “Red Clarity”. A story that was able to leave a legacy behind. This legacy created an atmosphere of questions and answers among the people in the island. The devastation that puertorricans felt over the words they were reading were caused by a simple proofreading error, arose much confusion where people were desperate for answers, and the perfection of how Seva was written made it impossible to be questioned. Before I continue on informing about this dreadful story, it is important that I state several historical facts in order to accept the authors full credentials and obtain a better grasp of the story. Luis López Nieves was born on January 17, 1950 in Washington, DC, from Puerto Rican parents. As early as seven years old he moved to the capital of Puerto Rico and at fifteen years of age began his studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus. The most luxurious university to study at that time. During his second year he was in Greenwich Village, an artistic and bohemian neighborhood of New York ( At twenty years of age he returned to the University of Puerto Rico and in 1973 graduated with a degree in general studies with concentrations in Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies. Then he moved to the University of New York at Stony Brook, where he began his Master's degree in Hispanic Studies with a grant from the Ford Foundation. In 1980 he received a doctorate in Philosophy specializing in Comparative Literature and sets a precedent by being the first student to deliver a novel as a doctoral thesis: The Prince Alexander excessive happiness. Lopez Nieves is the author of the novels The Silence of Galileo, published in June 2009 and The heart of Voltaire, published in December 2005 ( This writer is also known for his excellent work as a storyteller with his books of short stories entitled The real death of Juan Ponce de León, published in April 2000, Writing for Rafa, published in 1987 and Seva. The week this story was published, the people of Puerto Rico were shocked to learn that the first U.S. invasion of Puerto Rico did not occur July 25, 1898 by the town of Guanica but that it happened on May 5th on the coast of the village that no longer exists called Seva ( That day, the 2,000 troops of General Nelson Miles was ambushed by 721 patriotic “savaeños” that resisted the American attack on the island and finally defeated the troops of General Miles. Actually it was not a historic victory but a great literary epic written by Luis López Nieves ( A clarification that seemed to be absent on the published story of Seva in the newspaper Clarity caused much controversy in Puerto Rico since people were misled to believe the events occurred were true. The reaction was strong but confused. A harrowing mixture of joy, anger and pain. Joy because finally the old hated myth was destroyed of the alleged docility of puertorricans, their supine alleged delivery to the conquerors. At last, after many years of historical ignorance, puertorricans began to learn a few episodes of their true and heroic epic. Anger because such a vile act as the slaughter of Seva, and the total eradication of the people by the invaders, with good reason ( Pain because the people more courageous than ever, heroic even Lares, lay murdered, buried and forgotten under the planes, buildings and nuclear missiles of the naval base at Roosevelt Roads. After the Seva news, reports were confirmed that in Naguabo, Ceiba, Guayanilla, Rio Piedras, San Sebastian and...
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