Schelding System

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A Project Presented to
Colegio de Sta Teresa de Avila Foundation, Inc.

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for Thesis I

Abarquez, Christopher Jan
Boral, Mark Christian
Capili, James Mark
Santos, Robert Jay
Salazar, John Paul

Prof. Harold R. Lucero, MIT

March 2012

Computerized Scheduling System for Colegio de Sta. Teresa de Avila

Abarquez, Christopher Jan
Boral, Mark Christian
Capili, James Mark
Santos, Robert Jay
Salazar, John Paul



1. Background of the Study

Colegio de Sta. Teresa de Avila Foundation, Inc .(CSTA) is one of the fastest growing colleges in Novaliches, Quezon City with only five years of existence since its founding in 2007. The CSTA administration purchased an adjacent lot in answer to the growing demand to establish another campus. In 2011, the momentous ground-breaking ceremony marked the beginning of a massive expansion program both in facilities and in its academic offerings.

Colegio de Sta. Teresa de Avila is currently using the manual procedure for the scheduling of the faculty and students. Too much time is consumed in the creation of the schedules because of the problems they encounter, such as rooms, section assignments, conflicts in the students’ schedules, etc.

The researchers’ proposed Scheduling System was developed to detect conflicts in the schedules. Students could only determine conflicts in the schedules once they are done with the enrolment. It is also required that schedules for the upcoming school year have to be made in advance.


Scheduling systems are used in recording schedule information. The process of creating schedules at Colegio de Sta. Teresa de Avila starts with the dean knowing or getting the time availability of the faculty under his/her department. This is essential to avoid conflicts; otherwise there will be cases of schedules not falling within the desired schedule of the faculty. The deans of each department are required to finish the schedule two months before the start of the enrollment. They will only prepare the schedules for the major subjects. Whoever is in-charge of the scheduling for the minor subjects shall continue the drafting of the schedule. The second process of creating schedules for minor subjects is harder than creating schedules for major subjects because every department has numerous minor subjects especially for 1st and 2nd year levels. Most of the professors for minor subjects are part time only unlike the professors for major subjects. Thus, the researchers proposed for a computerized Scheduling System to lessen the work of the deans and the person in-charged to create schedules for the semester. This Computerized Scheduling System will help them to create a schedule in a short period of time with lesser or minimal human errors. The system is designed to detect time, day, room, laboratory for each department, subjects for professors, professor’s availability time and laboratory for each department’s conflicts. Because some of the faculty members are part time teachers and the only tool use in the scheduling is using Microsoft Office Excel. So to avoid problems in scheduling such as conflicts for both faculty and students, the Computerized Scheduling System is proposed. A well designed system will reduce the load of those who normally have to do all the work. This will also serve as source of information especially for the irregular students, freshmen, transferees, and professors for them to access information on courses, subjects, professors, and student enrollees. Those information can be viewed in just a second without worrying that a single file will be lost....
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