Research Paper on the Importance of Undergraduates to Practice Certain Skills in University Life in Order to Look for a Good Job in the Future

Topics: Leadership, Management, Problem solving Pages: 43 (12352 words) Published: February 25, 2011



Many researchers have written about the importance of undergraduates to practice certain skills in university life in order to look for a good job in the future. The certain skills include the leadership skills, the problem solving skills, the communication skills and time management skills. These skills have been practiced in the academic years of university. Whilst the researches highlight the importance of those skills, this paper provides some review of the skills in reflecting the quality of local undergraduates, and present findings about the real quality of local undergraduates in University of Malaya. By assuming that we are the management of the organization, the purpose of the findings is to make a decision whether there is relevant to recruit the undergraduates of University of Malaya as the employees.

Key Words: Quality, Undergraduates, Problem Solving, Communication Skills, Time Management, Leadership, Recruitment


Nowadays, the people emphasize on their educations. More and more undergraduates are produced from year to year. With the increasing of knowledge and skills of undergraduates, most of the organizations are planning to recruit these young generations in order to inhale the new breath to the organizations. However, the quality of undergraduates still be questioned, as there are many positive and negative issues occurred on these undergraduates. In questioning the quality of local undergraduates, four criteria or aspects are covered in this paper.

The first criterion of quality is the problem solving skills of local undergraduates. It includes the application of theories and practical techniques to analyze and resolve a problem. The local undergraduates are exposed to problem solving in their undergraduates’ life. Therefore, it becomes a question when the local undergraduates come to the career interview.

As a local undergraduate, it is crucial to have good communication skills. It helps the undergraduates to gain the knowledge, interact with others, express the ideas and add value to them. However, the media do have some negative issues about the communications of the local undergraduates, such as broken language, poor command of English, and lack of confidence when speaking. In this paper, the undergraduates will be questioned in terms of their communication skills.

Leadership is one of the important criteria to evaluate the quality of local undergraduates. In the organizations, there are leaders and followers. Most of the organizations nowadays prefer more leaders, especially young generation to shift the organizations into a more creative and innovative environment. Throughout the university life, the local undergraduates have been exposed to activities and projects that believed will mould their leadership skills. In this research paper, the leadership skills of local undergraduates will be a part of the questionnaires to evaluate their quality.

Time is money. Every second is vital to an organization in order to run the daily routine and make the decisions. Time management guides the people to fully utilize the 24 hours daily so that the objectives or aims can be attained. If the organizations wish to recruit the local undergraduates as employees, the management certainly views the quality of local undergraduates in the aspects of time management. This is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of using the resources in the organization.

Overall, this paper gives an image on reflecting the quality of local undergraduates as an evaluation on recruiting them into the employment of the organizations.



2.1Background of the study

2.1.1The History of University of Malaya

University of Malaya, or UM, Malaysia's oldest university, is situated on a 750 acre (309 hectare) campus in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. It was established in...
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