Research Paper of a Comparative Study of Banking Services and Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Bank, Banking, Cheque Pages: 34 (9147 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Executive Summary:

The banking industry in Bangladesh has flourished over the years, making double-digit profit percentages, sustaining growth and surviving cut-throat competition while providing attractive returns to shareholders. However, the greed for more without befitting platform and fundamentals brings its own challenges and questions in people's minds. The image of the banking industry has many times been tarnished by several stories regarding the owners in recent media releases. Despite the considerable progress made, foreign countries are still somehow treating our banking industry activities as questionable.

Various privet, public and international bank provide service to there customers in Bangladesh. Banks play an important role for growth Bangladeshi economic sector and give satisfaction to there customers through provide quality banking service. Most of the banks provide same banking service in Bangladesh like current account, saving account, term deposit and saving deposit.

Banking technology is more advance than the past now in Bangladesh. Most of the privet, public and multinational banks depends upon technology. And banks provide service to there customers through technology. Banks have a big IT sector where experts are always ready to introduce to there customers a new service. Banks provide various technological banking service to there customers like PC banking or PC home banking, Online banking, Internet banking, Mobile banking, Tele-banking, ATM service, and many of technological banking services.

Customer satisfaction is most important for any organization. Organization tries to make profit through customer satisfaction. Banks also try to give satisfaction there customers through quality services. Various banks try to give satisfaction there customer in various ways. In this investigating we compare 4 banks in Bangladesh those are provide service to there customer and we have tried measure customers satisfaction in various banking service.

We select four top position of banks in Bangladesh which provide service for few years with successfully. The banks are National bank of limited(NBL), Dutch bangla bank limited(DBBL), islami bank Bangladesh limited(IBBL) and Bank asia limited(BAL)

Different banks provide service in different way to there customers. In the investigation we have tried to show the measurement of customer service in different banks. We discuss about various banking service like Locker, Traveler cheques, Loan, Mail transfer, Cash credit facility, Gift cheques, Cheque deposit, Cheque clearing, Issuance of demand draft, Term deposit and many banking service.

Banks try to introduce to the customer about new services. In the in investigation we try to find out the ability of selected banks to introduce there customers about new service.

Distribution of loan is the very important factor for any bank. The main business and profitable sector for bank is loan distribution. In the investigation we try to show the ability of distribution loan in different bank and types of loan offer there customers like car loan, marriage loan, house loan, business loan, industrial loan, personal loan, education loan, and general loan.

Customers Opinion on Banking Charges for Different Services. Customers have complained about different banking charges for different services. In the investigation we have tried to show the complain in different banking services.

IT enable service is most important for any bank. Banks try to provide service to there customer through technology. Here we discuss some technological banking service like Electronic clearing services, Electronic fund transfer, Utility payment services, Interactive voice response system enquiry, Credit card and debit card, ATM, Internet banking, Centralized banking, Online tax accounting, Foreign exchange system, Online banking and SWIFT service.

In the investigation we show the customers complain suggestion, and...
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