Research Paper: Obama Care

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Obama Care
Travis Mills

Judith Sargent

Obama Care
In March, 2010 a significant change in the way that American health care will be handled passed legislation, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; this bill will mark the beginning of huge medical changes here in America. The number of Americans uninsured have dropped because of President Barrack Obama's success in getting, most popularly known as Obama Care, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (hereafter known as ACA) passed in 2010, which will also yield much more positive results once the bill has been enacted in 2014. The ACA will place much needed limits on what insurers can use to exclude coverage for certain people, while also creating new departments for innovative improvements to be developed with the existing Medicare and Medicaid programs. This bill will be a legal mandate for all persons to possess health insurance coverage, and for employers to offer health insurance, all while establishing a minimum benefit package that can be offered. Obama-Care will be beneficial for the United States by making health insurance more accessible, while also prompting insurance to be more affordable. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) places limits upon the pre-existing exclusions and expenditure caps that insurance companies are allowed to use (Lance Gable, 2011). This will also lead to the removal of the insurer's ability to place yearly aggregate and lifetime limits on the expenditures of health, as Lance Gable (2011) explained. Placing these limits will clearly provide more accessibility to people that have already been diagnosed with pre-existing health conditions. Lance Gable (p.343, 2011) explains, "Expert analysis predicted that without the changes to the health care system in the United States enacted by the ACA, 54 million nonelderly persons would have lacked insurance by 2019, a number that is projected to be reduced substantially under the ACA"....
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