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This is the result of my analysis about the great Indian business Entrepreneur Kochouseph Chittilappilly, the Founder of V-Guard as a leader. He is also a sociable person. His traits make him the highest tax payable person in the State Kerala.

3.Vision and Mission
4.Diverse business Portfolio
5.Why Kochouseph Chittilappilly?
6.Traits Approach
7.Skill Approach
8.Style Approach
9.Situational Approach
10.Articles and readings
11.Other Approaches
a.Contingency theory
c.Transformational leadership
d.Charismatic leadership
e.Authentic Leadership
12.Conclusion: Which type of leader is he?

A baby born in 1950 at Parappur, a small village, in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, India into a family traditionally engaged in agriculture. He completed his early studies at the village school and went to St. Thomas College, Thrissur and attained his Master’s Degree in Physics (1970). Nobody dreamt that one day he will become a well known Entrepreneur in Indian Business Industry, more than that his ambition was to become a scientist. Kochouseph Chittilappilly started his career as a Supervisor in an electronics company, Telics, a new medium-scale company in Thiruvananthapuram promoted by the state government to make electronic stabilizers where he served for three years. He talked about the same to M.G.Radhakrishnan (India today). “After getting an M Sc degree, I wanted a job very badly and could not wait and my first stipend at Telics was Rs 150 a month. By the time I left the company as a supervisor in 1977, I was getting Rs 700 per month. The company was not a big success, but the experience was tremendous,” remembers Chittilappilly, who stunned his family by deciding to quit three years into the works and undertakes into business. His father was not happy with his decisions but he gave Rs 100,000 to start his business that was a proof of his confidence on him. With that money and two boys, Chittilappilly “took a friend’s small garage as an office-cum-factory -cum-room and set up a voltage stabiliser firm called V-Guard, meaning voltage guard”-a self-effacing small scale stabilizers manufacturing unit in partnership with Priemere Electronics. The company's first outcome was 50 stabilizers per month manufactured by the trio. Chittilappilly used to transport his products in Thiruvananthapuram on a Lambretta scooter, hard selling his goods. In 1992, the partnership concern was dissolved and Kochouseph Chittilappilly continued the business as a proprietary concern. He started another proprietorship concern by the name of M/s Prompt India for marketing of the products under the brand name of V-Guard in 1985. Later Prompt India changed its name to V-Guard Industries. On February 12 -1996, the company was incorporated under the name of V-Guard Industries Limited. Chittilappilly is one of the most successful businessmen in Kerala. His Rs 300 crore V-Guard group with its flagship stabilizers and a group of products such as water pumps, water heaters, UPS, wiring cables and starters is a household name in the state. The business group includes V-Star creations, Apparels Company; Vinites Solutions, which specialises in information technology and ITES and the chain of amusement parks like 'Veega Land' Kochi started in April 2000, with Rs 60-crore and Rs 85-crore Wonderla, Bangalore. He wrote...
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