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Topics: Regression analysis, Statistical hypothesis testing, Organization Pages: 20 (5186 words) Published: March 24, 2013

VOL 4, NO 9


Muhammad Naeem Tariq Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Aisha Riaz

Scholars at Superior University, Lahore
Abstract The main purpose of the study is to determine the impact of employee turnover on the performance of an organization. The research study supports the argument of Derek (2006) that the employee‟s turnover positively associated with the organization inefficiency. The research study was based on quantitative research technique. The questionnaires were distributed in Mobilink Head office, Call Center and Administrative Department for collection of data. The measures for analysis are employee turnover, work load, work stress, employee salary, job satisfaction, and work to family conflict. Correlation and regression tests are used for research studies in order to analyze the relationship among independent and dependent variables. The result from the regression analysis confirms that the Performance of an organization is negatively and insignificantly associated with employee turnover, workload, work stress, salary, and family to work conflict. It is clearly evidenced that there is negatively relationship between the dependent variables of organizational performance and the Independent variables employee turnover, workload, work stress, salary, family to work conflict. The study shows that turn over effect on the performance of the organization The study provides an insight to see that level of turn over effect up to what level to the performance and what are the major variables that may address to handle these issues. Keywords: Organizational Performance, Turnover, Workload, Work Stress, Salary, Family to work conflict.

1. Introduction
Over the last two decades of awareness of managerial issues, the issue of employee turnover still exists in most of the organization throughout the world. Even in the highly developed industrial nations, the rate of employee turnover is still very high. Moreover, looking into the gender perspective, Women pay may be less than that of man, requiring parallel education, training, skills, and responsibility. The level of performance or the ability of work done by the staff will only be achieved if the employees satisfied by the internal environment of an organization. Employee turnover in organization is one of the main issues that extensively affect the overall performance of an organization. It is often suggested that organization should be adopt the clear Standard Operation Procedures (SOP‟s) that decrease the gap among the top management and the middle management in order to identify and resolve the issue of employee turnover in the organization. The area for the research study was, Mobilink Head Office, Mobilink Call Center and Mobilink Administration Branch Islamabad. The research study was based on quantitative technique for research. The questionnaire was distributed among the staff member of Mobilink offices and data was collected to know that how much employee turnover affect the performance of and organization. The reason that why Mobilink organization had been chosen, is because in Mobilink offices the ratio of turnover is high as compared to other organization according to the telecommunication report of Pakistan 2008. The research study is being conducted to check out the extent the employee fulfill their task, which is, assign to them by their superiors and what are the effect of turnover on organization. COPY RIGHT © 2013 Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research


VOL 4, NO 9


The research paper objective was to address the questions that is, does employee turnover affect the performance of the organization? Various studies show that employee turnover negatively affect the overall...
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