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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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NHall MO260:Unit8-Computer Applications

Allscript vs. eClinical
I have researched different computer applications, and have broken it down to two. I will be discussing Allscript and eClinical software applications for the medical business. First I will tell you some important facts about Allscript. Allscripts is one of the highest client-rated business solutions. One of the more important aspects of Allscripts would be to be how quickly and easily the physician’s office can manage important administrative and financial information about their practice from a single screen on your computer. Some of these ways include: , appointments, real-time claim statics, payment, receipts and, several more (Allscripts). Allscripts engines centralize and simplify scheduling control, and shift resources to best serve. Real-time, rules-based scheduling helps your practice, set appointments, search for first available appointments, track no shows, reduce downtime, and many more. Creates electronic workplaces for all essential practice functions for individuals and group to access your practice, including: patient appointments, patient flow, collections, claims management, denials, and transactions (Allscripts). It has a very sophisticated claims management and charge entry tools to help you get paid more and faster. They can automatically see patient ledgers, reports, chronological transactional history of account, including service and payment history, reimbursement detail, notes, rebilling, and collections. They keep your practice secure and compliant to ever-changing rules enables your practice to manage resources by practice, division, department, physician, and more (Allscript). They also maintain regulatory compliance with HIPAA, ANSI 5010, ICD_10, and the red flag rule. They offer 24/7 tech. support for, hardware, software, network, EHR, and a few others. When you choose Allscripts for PM and EHR, you’ll receive advance capabilities and achieve a...
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