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Topics: Education, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Introduction: In our traditional learning system, usually we see only teachers play the central role in the classroom where students are listeners. Moreover, students cannot enjoy their lessons because teachers dominate in the classroom. So sometimes they feel inattentive in classroom, as a result student is virtually dropping out from the classroom. That is not exact teaching-learning system in our primary education. Learning should be more joyful, more interesting and life oriented. Then students will be mindful and active in classroom. So teaching learning activities should be child centered and we can develop our teacher as a facilitator. Among all the learning approach, we see that child centered learning approach is most appropriate in our education system. Definition: child centered learning is an approach to education, focusing on students’ need, abilities, and interest and learning styles and teacher will placed as a facilitator of learning. The principle of Child-centered approach:

The learner has full responsibility for his or her learning. Involvement and participation are necessary for learning. The learner sees himself/herself differently as a result of the learning experience. The relationship between teachers is more equal, promoting growth, development. Teacher becomes confluence in his education.

Objectives of child centered learning
The main objectives of child centered learning approach are- •To ensure joyful learning environment: according to the approach, child play the central role in the classroom. Child will learn by doing, practical method, from their own experience, by group work, peer work. In this approach teacher cannot dominate the student because student are the key person. As a result here joyful leaning environment is ensured. • To ensure student participation: this approach is child centered and this approach provides many activities and its follow many methods which are child oriented. •To...
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