Essay on Direct Teaching Method

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  • Published : August 3, 2011
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Teacher-centered instruction implies a high degree of teacher direction and a focus of students on academic tasks. According to this type of instruction the focus of the class is on language forms and structures (or what the teacher knows about the language) thus grammar-based activities or a grammar check activity could be taught using teacher-centered instruction.

The teacher is considered a model: the teacher talks and the students listen and repeat (instructions in phonics – drilling can also be taught using teacher-centered instruction).

Other aspects that can be taught using teacher centered instruction are writing, spelling, reading comprehension and also problem solving activities. Here it can be seen that the teacher monitors and corrects every student utterances. He or she also answers students’ questions and evaluate the students’ learning.

The major steps in teaching skills are the following:

Instruction / Review
Set the stage for learning.
Planning the content and method of delivery.
Managing the available time efficiently.
Model the expected learning outcomes by providing clear explanations and examples. Presenting the content in an interesting and motivating way. Explaining and demonstrating clearly.
Guided Practice
Monitor and engage students with assigned learning tasks. Knowing when and how to explain key points in more detail. Using appropriate questioning to focus students’ attention, stimulate their thinking, and check for understanding. Closure

Bring the lesson to a conclusion by highlighting what was covered. Dealing with questions raised by students.
Independent Practice
Provide learning tasks that are independent of teacher assistance. Evaluation
Assess pupil progress.
Evaluating students’ learning and participation.
Giving feedback to students.

I believe that discussion requires students to process information they have studied in different forms. For example students...
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