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Topics: Supply chain management, Management, Supply chain Pages: 7 (2407 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Technology and Business Information Systems
Cambra L. Kucharski
University of Mary Washington
10 Oct 2012
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Technological advancements have changed the way people walk, talk and work in offices. The concept of doing business has entirely changed in the last few decades and this is because of the introduction of the latest technological tools in business practices. These tools are based on scientific and logical approach which aid in managerial decisions. An extensive use of information technology in business determines the competitive advantages for a business. Anyone pursuing a career as a business professional must understand the importance of all information technology systems and their role in enhancing the chances of success of a business. The aim of this paper is to create an understanding about these tools with the help of an example. A company that has employed a particular business information system into its operations will be chosen and will show how it benefits from this technology. Business information technology systems provide an easy way to solve complex business problems that can create difficulties for managers and other staff members. Earlier, businesses had to maintain huge records about the goods and materials they had in stock. The people involved in this record keeping were paid very high salaries to maintain the record. With the advancement of the latest technological tools it has become possible for these businesses to manage these records without putting in much effort and investment. Studies reveal with the latest technological advancements businesses can ease their operations and increase their revenue generation. For instance, Srinivasan et al. (1994), conducts a research on automobile industry wherein he presents data and shows these companies have shown a significant reduction in their shipment errors, moreover, their shipment cost has also decreased to a great extent. The following part of this paper will shed light on the use of supply chain management system (SCMS) and its benefits for the companies that utilize it. Operation and Supply Change Management

Supply chain management can be defined as a process associated with the movement of products and materials that are finally delivered to the customs. This is a business information technology system that aids people in management of activities associated with the production and supply of goods and services. This system restructures the whole distribution process in a company as a result of which inventory and supply chain management cost decreases (Harland, 1996, p. 63). Some important changes have taken place in the business environment because the traditional relationship between the suppliers and customers has been altered. Companies that want to survive must utilize the efficiencies of virtual supply chains, RFID software, decision support system and electronic commerce. However, among these technologies, the Supply Chain Management System is the one that can be employed in a variety of organizations. It not only handles transactions throughout the business domain but at the same time it also gives a clear and concise view of the movement of products. As a result of which, decision making for management has become much easier. Several companies/businesses design appropriate training programs for their employers so they can gain a good knowledge about this program. Those who are in need of getting training about these programs include people involved in quality assurance, supply chain management, inventory procurement and logistics.

Importance of Supply Chain Management
The supply chain management has an immense importance for companies that have spurred growth in the past few years. In this regard, the Wall Street Journal releases a report and provides premium...
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