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Topics: High school, Deltona, Florida, Volusia County Schools Pages: 6 (2141 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Preventing Bullying

Kyndall Dunn
Dr. Hawkins
ENC 1101
November 15th, 2012

Bullying is becoming more of a problem here in Volusia County (“National”). The purpose of this research is to find suitable ways to help bullying in the Central Florida School Systems.
A few of the schools in Volusia County are using a nonprofit organization called, “Preventing Bullying in Central Florida (“Florida”). An interview with one of the organization specialists showed that the bullying was lessened when using this program. However, many schools in Volusia County aren’t aware how big of a problem bullying can be. With that said most schools are ignoring the problem and considering it as a part of everyday life (“Florida”).

This research was conducted because children should not have to go to school every day feeling like they are going to be threatened. An interview with an organization official and surveys were handed out to students at Deland High School. The outcome of the surveys and the interview is that there needs to be more awareness on bullying because a lot of people and students in the Central Florida School Systems do not know how to deal with the problem. The results told us that children and adults need more information about how to handle and intervene with certain situations. Introduction:

Students are being verbally and physically bullied by their peers in the school systems. Children are struggling every day because of the effect bullying can have on them. Bullying is becoming a serious matter and children need to learn how to intervene and cope with the problem. The rationale behind this research is to try to understand bullying better and to find ways that the problem can be helped. A survey was handed out to high school students to gather information from students who might have experienced bullying and their thoughts on the problem. Also, an interview was conducted to find out how the effects of bullying are being helped and what can further be done to help the problem. The purpose of this research is to help intervene and find ways to decrease bullying in the Central Florida School Systems. Bullying is becoming a serious problem and needs to be addressed promptly to try to lessen the effects. It can make many children feel very insecure about themselves and start to feel depressed, which has led to suicidal deaths here in Volusia County (“Florida”). Children should be able to go to school without having to worry what one person might do or say to them. This research helps gather more information that is needed to help decrease bullying in the Volusia County School System. Bullying is at its all-time high in the school systems today (“National”). The percentages of students between the ages of 12 through 18 that have reported being bullied in Florida have increased 27.7 percent since 2008 (“National”). In order to help prevent bullying, Florida has a new law that every Volusia County School System must adopt the Jeffery Johnson Stand Up for All Students Act. This is a policy that prohibits bullying on school grounds and school network computers. This also allows programs to educate students and teachers on the consequences of bullying. However despite the law, there were still 6,134 reported incidents of bullying in the 2011/2012 school year (“National”). The act is not completely effective because of being out of date and lags behind in research. Children are still afraid and feel uncomfortable to speaking up if they are being bullied. Many Volusia County high schools aren’t doing enough to put more of a stop to bullying and to take action (“National”). There is more that can be done to let children feel more comfortable to stand up and talk to an adult about being bullied before it gets taken too far. Research shows that bullying and harassment of others can lead to poorer educational outcomes, lower future aspirations, lack of confidence and self-esteem, and...
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