Research Onchange in Indian Ethnic Wear

Topics: Color, Color wheel, Color theory Pages: 58 (18931 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Intermediate Vocational Course First Year

Fashion and Garment Making

State Institute of Vocational Education Directorate of Intermediate Education Govt of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad 2005

Fashion and Apparel Designing

Author Dr. D. Anitha Associate Professor Department of Apparel & Textiles College of Home Science ANGRAU, Hyderabad

Editor Dr. A. Sharada Devi Univ. Professor & Head Department of Apparel & Textiles College of Home Science ANGRAU, Hyderabad

CONTENTS S.No 1 Topic Introduction to Design Elements of Design Principles of Design Colour and Colour Theory Properties of Colour/ Colour Dimensions Color Theories Colour Wheels - Colour Systems Use of colour in designing 3 Introduction to Elements of Fashion 32 - 42 Pg No 1 -21


22 - 31

Fashion terminology
Fashion cycles Theories of Fashion Adoption 4 Designing Process Theme based –designing fashion illustrations, colours and textures Use of colour and texture in rendering illustrations 5 Designers of India Basic Requirements of a Designer Indian Fashion Designers 6 Fashion Fabric Information Services Services Available Fabric Information 61- 67 51- 60 43- 50

Fashion and Apparel Designing

LIST OF FIGURES Topic S.No 1 Types of Lines 2 Direction of Lines 3 Optical Illusion through lines 4 Effect of line spacing in dress 5 Effect of Smooth & Flat and Soft & Clingy Fabrics on thin person 6 Effect of stiff & bulky Fabrics on thin & thick person 7 Types of Balance 8 Various Proportions in Clothing Design 9 Creating Emphasis in Garments 10 Harmony in Clothing Design 11 Achieving rhythm in dress design 12 Intensity Scale 13 Relation between hue, value and intensity of colours 14 Additive Colour Wheel 15 Subtractive Colour Wheel 16 The Prang Color 17 Warm Colours 18 Monochromatic Colour Scheme 19 Analogous Colour Scheme 20 Complementary Colour Scheme 21 Split Complementary Colour Scheme 22 Traid Colour Scheme 23 Fashion Cycle 24 Story Board depicting the Theme 25 Colour & Swatch board 26 Illustration Board 27 Flats 28 Rendering Techniques for Various Textures Pg No 1-6

7 - 13

14 - 20

21- 28

21- 28

21- 28

CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION TO DESIGN Garments should be designed considering the three major aspectsstructure, function and decoration. It should be structurally effective and appropriate for the customer’s need and as per the day’s fashion. Functionally it should permit the activity a person performs wearing it, and decoratively appropriate to the garment and the wearer. Garments, which are successful in appearance, function, structure and decoration stimulates the purchaser to buy them. The above three aspects are fulfilled in a garment when the elements and principles of designs are met with. These elements of visual design have been defined as the basic ingredients or components from which a visual design is made. One must know both the potentials and the limitations of each element. Although the elements are unique and fundamental, they are not always mutually exclusive. For example, shape cannot exist without line and space. Understanding how and why a person responds to the various elements & principles of design and knowing how to control and use them effectively for a good design is an important aspect in designing. Though various authors group elements separately, the fundamental theory remains the same.


Fashion and Apparel Designing

1.1 ELEMENTS OF DESIGN I Line: Line refers to the edge or the outline of a garment and the style lines that divide the space within a garment. It is an enormously useful and versatile realistic tool that is made to function in both visual and verbal ways. Line leads the eye in the direction the line is going, and divides the area through which it passes, thus providing a breaking point in space. It defines a shape or a silhouette and conveys a mood or a character. Line can create visual illusions, such as height and width and also makes a figure...
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