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Topics: Local government, Game theory, Logistics Pages: 6 (1973 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Research on Inter-governmental Relation in Logistic Industry Innovation: Based on Evolutionary Game Theory Jin Zhen
Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, Zhengzhou 450015 China Abstract: With the rapid growth of China's economy, the institutional gridlock faced by modern logistic industry is increasingly becoming the bottleneck for its development. Based on evolutionary game, this paper analyzes the evolving processes of how the interaction of government leads to differences in regional logistic from a perspective of institutional innovation. Moreover, this paper gives according suggestion on the policies making aimed on the promotion of institutional innovation of regional logistics coordinated development. Key words : inter-governmental relations; evolutionary game; logistic industry;institutional innovation


Speak of modern logistic industry, it’s a newly developed industry based on the modern technology and formed by these following elements: the integration of information technology, reforming of the relationships of property rights and the industrial reconstruction of the inter-organizational relationships. In order to minimize the gap of the current logistic operating level 20 or even 30 years behind compared with the developed countries, both central and local governments have established numerous policies concerning the development of logistic industry during the 11th Five-Year. This, however, created a friendly environment to promote the prosperity of logistic industry. Yet there still exist certain problems. Reduplicate investments and construction problems go with the logistic fundamental facilities and some facilities which have already put into use are running at a low-efficiency. Polices are so different from county to county that the unity throughout the entire nation and the standardization of the logistic market become a mission impossible. Excessive competition on logistic development wanders around the cities and coordination is urgent needed for regional logistic system and nodes【1】. The system itself becomes an essential element to confine the whole modern logistic industry in China now. Therefore, the game of inter-governmental relations in logistic innovation must be well played in order to accomplish these objectives: building efficient trading system and environment formed by efficient trading activities, promoting the harmonious development of regional logistic, carrying on continuous innovation of the whole industry. 【2】

By now, the scholars home and abroad have done reaserchs concerning innovation of the logistic system and inter-governmental relation as the following: Marc H.Juhel believes that the core factors for a government to establish regional logistic developing plan are cost control for procedures of regional logistic system, relationship between freighters and sellers, transportation services and the decision support system【3】. Maria Femanda Melendez contends that the slow development of regional economy of Latin America and their ineffient logistic are caused by the outdated regional policies instead of the deficient logistic facilities【4】. Fang jialin claims that the government’s macroscopic functions should be deeply connected to the entire logistic network. The government should establish according hierarchical controlling system to ensure the stable and rapid functioning of the modern logistic system【5】. Xia wenhui thinks “when the various economic functions brought about by institutional innovations effectively translate the externality of ecological environment into the internality, the institutional innovations in the logistics park construction and development will promote simultaneously the introduction-type institutional innovation of external variables of the industry.” 【6】 Yan jian thought the inter-governmental relations include both the relationship between central and local government and the between local governments...
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