Dissertation Research Proposal

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Dissertation research proposal

Table of contents

1- Problem definition/statement
2-Research goals
3-Research objectives
4-Research hypothesis
5-Dissertation organization
Chapter one: Literature review
Chapter two: Research methodology
1. Recipients of the research
2. Justification of the research
3. Research Methodology
3.1. Research problem area
3.2. Research question
3. 3.Research objectives
3.4. Research hypothesis
3.5. Research design
3.5.1. Research philosophy
3.5.2. Research approach
5.3.3. Research strategy Survey Strategy
3.5.4. Research method choice
3.5.5. Time horizon
3.6. Population and Sample
4. Data collection, editing, and findings
4.1. Date collection
4.2. Data editing
4.3. Data coding
4.4. Limitation

-interview outline
-Time management
-outline content of literature review
-Email for interview
-Email for questionnaire

This section outlines the background of the dissertation. In the first chapter the researcher explains the choice of the topic and the issues. In the second, the researcher will describe the methodology used during the research process

1-Recipients of the research

The primary recipients of this thesis are
The Dublin Business School in Dublin
Through Mr. Gary Bernie, my dissertation supervisor
For fulfilment of the MA Marketing

2. Justification of the research

2.1. Interest for the subject
According to Saunders et al (2012:29) one of attributes of a good research topic is that the researcher should be extremely interested and fascinated about the topic

2.2Academic background
The researcher has graduated 2 years ago with a Licence in Humanitarian Science; and a significant side of the science was about the ethics and its positive role on people and communities

2.3. Personal background
The researcher has a strong interest in marketing ethics as he plans a career in this environment. So he has the motivation to proceed with this paper to conclusion. About the resources, the researcher has access to an Irish environment: people, communication, companies…. The researcher is working part-time, so he has a flexible time to carry on his research

The first chapter
Literature review
It is my belief that good marketing is ethical marketing. Good marketing is about satisfying and developing a long-term relationship with our customers. Caring about your customers not only results in profits, it is the ethical thing to do. Deceiving customers may help a firm’s profits in the short-run, but is not the way to build a successful business. Marylyn Carrigan, Lecturer, University of Birmingham, Department of Commerce, Birmingham, UK

1- Marketing ethics concepts and theories

Business ethics’ definition
Business ethics can be defined as “a set of principles that guides business practices to reflect a concern for society as a whole while pursuing profits, Nisberg, 1988 (cited from: Maureen Kilcullen, Judith Ohles Kooistra, (1999)

The shame side of marketing
Of all the management fields, marketing is probably that which seems the most Contradictable when it comes to ethical aspect. As Smith and Quelch (1993, p. 188) suggest that some of the
most fundamental concepts in marketing, when looked at Afresh, raise important ethical issues (cited from Klein Thomas, 2011) According to Marylyn Carrigan, et al (2005) In later years marketing thought has focused upon the subject of marketing ethics, and in the 1980s there was a flurry of activity by marketing scholars who attempted to evaluate conceptually the nature and role of marketing ethics. Moreover, Carrigan (2005) gave many examples of scholars discussed the issue, such as, Ferrell and Gresham (1985) developed their contingency framework to evaluate ethical...
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