Research on Cotton Industry

Topics: Cotton, Gossypium barbadense, Gossypium Pages: 61 (19806 words) Published: January 9, 2013

Student Name : Batch & Section: Student ID: Company name: Title of the report:

Rahul Dugar PGPEx 2012-13 PGX 120 Qingdao Alright Trading Company Leveraging competitive advantage through business restructuring, increased accessibility and locating avenues for expansion through joint ventures, associations and long term supply arrangements.

Area of Research: Internship Period: Under Supervision: 29th October, 2012 to 21st December, 2012 Prof. Sanjeev Kakoty (IIM Shillong) Prof. He Yeming (OUC, Qingdao)




1A. Completion certificate from the company


1B. Acknowledgements
I express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the entire team at QATC for their continuous support and guidance during my internship. I would like to make special mention of my supervisor Mr. Liu and her colleague Sophie (Xuē dōng lín) for leaving no stone unturned in ensuring an enriching learning experience at the workplace while explaining or making me understand the intricate nuances about the company, industry and trade in particular. I behold their contributions towards this entire project as truly significant and am immensely grateful for their outreaching efforts at overcoming the language barrier and making me feel comfortable amongst them while gradually imbibing me into their culture. Even more I would like to appreciate and thank my mentors Prof. Sanjeev Kakoty and Prof. He Yeming. Without their guidance, inputs and direction this report would not have seen the light of the day. Their experience and knowledge has helped me gain valuable insights into the subject and address the case by deciphering the approach to the problems while focusing and identifying the right areas. I am earnestly grateful and obliged for their contributions. Furthermore I would like to express my sincere gratitude to IIM Shillong and OUC under whose august canopy I explored and found opportunities to embrace these business domains and wherein my research took shape and my endeavours were recognised. I am truly honoured to be associated with these esteemed institutions driving the change across the globe for our better future. Thank you all.


Notes – Important Observations and points on the Project


1C. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary Preface Internship Objectives & Methodology Sector Overview Introduction World trade statistics & Analysis Cotton Cultivation Cotton Usages World Cotton Chain Price Developments Futures & Options E-Commerce China – Cotton Trade China - Production & Marketing Chain India – Cotton Trade India – Production & Marketing Chain Recent Trends & Highlights Company Overview General Background Promoters Financials Industry & Market Customers Competitors Favourable nuances of the company Challenges 44 44 45 45 42 43 43 16 18 24 25 27 28 30 31 32 35 36 38 40 08 11 12


Intern Project Work Project Title Problem Statement Scope of Work Methodology Expected Outcome Internship Activities – Primary Findings Introduction Analysis of Existing Business Operation & Model Problems Identified Cost Profit Analysis of the Operations Internship Activities Accessing Alternative Financing Route Locating Opportunities for developing associations & Joint Ventures About FEM Cotton About Asha Cotton About Jaydeep Cotton Comparison of prospective vendors Increasing Market Presence and Accessibility of the Firm Training the personnel on Import and related Mechanisms Devising an effective sourcing strategy for the firm Researching on expansion opportunities for the firm 61 62 63 64 66 67 69 70 72 73 51 52 57 60 46 46 47 47 50

Assessment of the Internship Conclusion & Recommendations Bibliography

74 77 79


This report is a culmination of the project undertaken during my internship at Qingdao Alright Trading Company. Having a noble background and experience in cotton trading the...
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