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Topics: Golf, Miniature golf, Putt-Putt Pages: 16 (4637 words) Published: November 11, 2011
The introduction

The main subject of this hospitality research project is entrepreneurship. This subject was chosen for several reasons: both the authors would like to set up a business in future, they have the ambition to have a company of their own, they like to manage, and use creativity to come up with an original concept. To narrow the subject down one specific subject is chosen. Moreover, the concept of starting a mini golf* company in Elim, Drenthe was selected. The reason for choosing this specific subject is that one of the authors lives with her parents in a big farm which has a lot of land. However, this space is not used to the optimal capacity nor effectively. Consequently the authors came up with the idea to start up a mini golf. This concept will be season-bound, since in the Netherlands the weather in the winter is not suitable to play outdoor sports. Before starting up a business, it is very important to have knowledge about whether this concept will be feasible and be profitable in the village where it is going to be situated: Elim. Elim is a small village in Drenthe with only 2500 residents. In the Netherlands a concept like this already exists, namely the company Pitch en Putt. The authors will research if it will be better to start up an own business or to franchise a mini golf outlet from Pitch en Putt. Therefore, the statement of the problem will be: Is there a market of a ‘Pitch en Putt’ in Elim? Moreover, there can be concluded that this kind of concept are already very popular in America: ‘Statistics indicate that 50 percent of Americans play miniature golf at least once a year’ said Bob Detwiler, of North Myrtle Beach, S.C., president of the U.S. Pro Mini Golf Association. Furthermore there is also increasing demand for mini golf in Holland. According to CBS the demand in 2007 increased with 9% in comparison with 2001. No figures were available about 2007-2011. Therefore we assume, based on the retrieved information, that there still is a slight increase of demand during these years. Furthermore 60% of the population of Holland likes to sport in their spare time. When looking at the residents from two provinces that visit Drenthe for daytrips the following provinces can be listed: Groningen and Overijssel. A total of 25,130,000 daytrips have the destination Drenthe, which is 2,8% of all daytrips in the Netherlands. Moreover, on average the population spends €26.53 per person on a day golfing (CBS, 2010). This amount includes the entrance fee, consumptions and travelling costs. These facts might indicate that there is a good market for business the branch of mini-golf. (CBS 2010) To answer the composed problem statement an answer needs to be found to the following research questions: First of all, it needs to be determined whether it is advisable to start a privately owned company or to start franchise with an existing company. Secondly, the steps that are involved regarding starting up a business in the golfing branch needs to be explored. Moreover, the final research question will be to identify the potential business mix for a golf company. This research is an explorative research: many research is done already about mini golf itself, however, no specific research is done about the feasibility of a mini-golf company in Elim or its environment. The environment will be approximately in the area of 30 km from Elim. The cities that are included are Hoogeveen, Hollandscheveld and Slagharen. This research has few limitations: first of all Elim, is a small town and there is no information available about the PESTLE from this area. Therefore, the authors will examine this but also information of Drenthe in General will be used. Surveys will be held and are used to identify the opinions of the residents and companies in Elim. Secondly the accuracy of the collected information can be doubted, because the inhabitants are not always willing to corporate. The authors will start with an expanded case...
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