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BUS 447: Individual assignment #1
Trondheim is a city with a population of 176 348 people (2012.01.01, Of these people 136 264 people are between 16 and 79 years of age, which is the target group for fitness centres in general. In Trondheim, these people have the opportunity to choose from eleven different fitness centre chains and 27 centers in total. I then became surprised when I heard about a new fitness centre being established not far away from my apartment in Trondheim.

The business I am going to analyze has the name of GO Training. It is a fitness centre newly established in the city centre of Trondheim. It provides their customers with the opportunity to exercise using contemporary equipment in newly renovated premises.

GO Training is a joint venture between a real estate company and a web based sport society. The web-based sport society is a platform for sports within the region that write news about players, teams, events, and happenings and they also keep track of results and scores for the sports clubs in the not so professional leagues. Thus, they have much traffic on their web site since people have to report their results online in order to keep tables up to date.

As I was saying it surprised me to see GO Training establish themselves in this industry but after analyzing their business model I realized something I did not expect. Business Model Analysis
Customer Segments
Different from their competitors GO Training is not trying to reach individuals directly. They are reaching individuals through sports clubs, making the clubs their actual customers. They have found their niche in the market and GO Training is the only fitness centre in Trondheim to do so. Value Propositions

GO Training creates value for the sports clubs by giving them the opportunity to offer their members variation in their training. Instead of just meeting at the training fields outdoor the clubs are able to arrange joint trainings...
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