Research Methodology

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This page is a resource page on social science research methodology with a special focus on approaches and methods used in various research types in educational technology. See also: Methodology tutorial (a crash course with several modules). Research methodology in educational technology

Educational technology uses the whole palette of social science methodology. Very few approaches originated in our field. One recent example is design-based research (DBR). But even DBR uses methods and techniques developed in other contexts. Of course edutech research does contribute to the evolution of various tools, e.g contributes to the methodology of log file analysis, dialogue and discourse analysis, observation of human-computer interaction, development of survey scales, etc. See also: Educational technology research approaches for a discussion on what is considered to be good research. * What We Know about Research in Instructional Technology: Interviews with Research Leaders by Marshall G. Jones et al. presentation at the annual conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. St. Louis, MO. February, 1998. Tutorials

So far, we don't have a very complete inventory. In particular, good tutorials for qualitative methods are missing... Literature and Bibliography
See literature review and citation articles
General introduction to research methodology
* Bill Trochim's nice Knowledge Base. This web-based text-book is a good place to start for quantitative research (including statistics) * Research Methods, by Christopher L. Heffner. This ten chapter research methods text is written for both undergraduate and graduate students in education, psychology, and the social sciences. It focuses on the basics of research design and the critical analysis of professional research in the social sciences from developing a theory, selecting subjects, and testing subjects to performing statistical analysis and writing the research report. * Shields, Patricia and Hassan Tajalli. 2006. Intermediate Theory: The Missing Link to successful Student Scholarship. Journal of Public Affairs Education. Vol. 12, No. 3: 313-334. PDF reprint * Randolph, Justus J. (2007). Multidisciplinary Methods in Educational Technology Research and Development, HAMK Press, HTML / PDF. This is the only book that specifically focuses on educational technology, and it's free! * Methodology tutorial (our own crash course with several modules) * Research Methods Poster (Gregor Polancic, 2007, made for IT research, but also suitable for social science research). See also the books section. There exist good introductory books ! Statistics

There are loads of tutorials on the web. If you are not happy with this little choice, look this for example. * StatSoft Electronic Statistics Textbook. Very good and fairly suitable for beginners, from StatSoft the makers of Statistica ! (old version, pw protected] * Statistics Glossary, also from StatSoft.

* HyperStat Online Textbook by David M. Lane at Rice University. Centered on Anova and testing. Look at its humor links to take a break. * Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (related to HyperStat)

* PA 765 Statnotes: An Online Textbook by G. David Garson, NC State University. Very good Hypertext with many detailed "chapters", not always suitable for total beginners. Also makes references to SPSS procedures . * Statistics Hell. Dr. Andy Field's slides and handouts (with some dripping blood). Some of his stuff is really recommended, in particular the introductory texts on factor and cluster analysis. * Wikipedia Statistics. The Wikipedia has become a very good resource for some issues and models (2006). But not always for the faint hearted. * Tutorials - ITS / UTexas. Tutorials provide a general introduction to various software package including information on how to use statistics. (Amos, SAS, SPSS, etc.) * Statistics Glossary,...
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