Research: Learning and Good Study Habits

Topics: Learning, Behavior, Human behavior Pages: 8 (2221 words) Published: March 11, 2013
“The Effect of Study Habits on the Academic Performance of Nursing Students in Saint Gabriel College, School Year 2013-2014”

A Research Paper Presented to the
Faculty of Saint Gabriel College
Old Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Subject
Nursing Research-1

Adrian M. Cordova
February 2013

Chapter 1

The extent of student’s learning in academics may be determined by the grades a student earns for a period of learning has been done. It is believed that a grade is a primary indicator of such learning. If a learner earns high grades it is concluded that they may also have learned a lot while low grades indicate lesser learning. However, many experiences and studies found out that there are also several factors that would account for the grades. No single factor can be definitely pointed out as predicting grades. It has been an inter play of so many factors – gender, IQ, study habits, age, year level, parent’s educational attainment, social status, number of siblings, birth order, etc. In fact, almost all of existing environmental and personal factors are a variable of academic performance. Study habits are the ways that you study, the habits that you have formed during your school years. Study habits can be good ones, or bad ones. Good study habits include being organized, keeping good notes, reading your textbook, listening in class, and working every day. Bad study habits include skipping class, not doing your work, watching TV or playing video games instead of studying, and losing your work. Basically it means that you are doing the best you can to get the grades you want. It means you are not distracted by anything, you have a certain place to go where it is quiet everyday where you study and do homework. The manner with which you consistently use to study for school or college or even for next day lesson plans if you're a teacher. (

Study Habit of every student is one of the most important factors that affect his or her understanding regarding a certain subject. It means, if a student possesses poor study habits, she has a greater chance of getting failing grades, if compare to a student who has a good study habit. But “habit” as it was defined from the Introduction to Psychology, means “a learned, or fixed way of behaving to satisfy a given motive”. By this definition alone, we can say that the person involves is the one making or forming his own habit. Maybe, habits can be affected by outside interference like his environment, his attitude toward his comparisons, his teachers and the books and reading materials around him, even the place where he study and other factors which influence the concentration of a students to effectively understand his lessons, and to pass his mind to discipline himself and form to himself the proper study habits which he knows he really needed. However, at this point in time, the researchers would like to investigate the possible relationship of study habits and the factors affecting it to the academic achievement of nursing students in Saint Gabriel College. The investigation of on this area thus becomes a real and compelling motivation for the researchers to conduct this study. ( This study aims to assess how nursing students manage themselves in their study habits. Whether physiological, psychological and personal factors that affect their academic performance.

Statement of the Problem
This study intended to find out the effects of study habits on the academic performance of nursing students in Saint Gabriel College. It also aimed to answer the following questions: 1.) What is the profile of the respondents according to age, sex, civil status. 2.) What are the study habits of the respondents according to: * Time management

* Learning Skills
*Study Skills
3.) To assess...
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