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Topics: Second language, Language acquisition, Lingua franca Pages: 14 (5088 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Submitted as a Partial Fulfilment in Seminar on language Teaching

Lecture: Dr. Hermayawati, M.Pd

Titis Wisnu Wijaya

English which is an international language is used for communication in many countries around the world especially in the globalization era when technology and communication grow rapidly. The communication bacomes the the most important thing to convey the message, the information, the knowledge, etc. In addition, there are a lot of news and information, that are writen and brodcasted in english. This fact demands everyone to master english.

English mastery becomes the main need to face the globalization era. According to lado (1977:9) proficiency in the target language includes the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Learning english should involve four skill: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. We should also learn the language component which supports the mastery of four language skills. The language component are pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Brown (1987:154) states teaching the english language generally means teaching the four skills namly listening, reading, writing and speaking, and language component, namely pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

The goal oflearning a lnaguage including english is that we can communicate writely and spoken using english. As the goverment instruct to the education institution includingschool, universityand informal education institutions, in evey english language teaching, it is expected for students to have abilities to communicate using english actively to face the globalization era. In other words students are expected not only to understandenglish but also use english for communication.

However in fact the students have difficulties to speak english or they can speak english but with incorrect pronunciation and there are many difficulties and error for students, because speaking is a matter habit so if they wants to learn a foreign language the students will abviously meet all kinds of learning problems. In this paper the writer will explain some problems of mother tongue.

The first problem is there is contrastive analysis between mother tongue and second language including english language. The analysis is quite enough to show that the mother tongue has big influence in learning english speakingfor students. Preoccupation of linguists and applied linguist. The errors and difficulties that occur in students learning and use of a foreign language are caused by interference of mother tonguewherever the structure of foreign language differs from that of the mother tongue we can expect in learning and error in performance.

The second is fact of mother tongue interference, the students problems are caused by the interferrence of mother tongue.there are some aspect of language that interference by the mother tongue. First aspect is morphology that study of field of words. This knowledge is clossely related to grammatika, second aspect is syntactic. Syntactic is study about relation accompany of words and accompany group of words (or accompany of phrase) name in the basic of syntactic is sentence, and the third aspect is phonetic and phonology. The both system have affinity. katamba (1989) to formulate that “phonology is the branch of linguistics, which investigates the ways in which sounds are used systematically in different languages to form words and utterence”this knowledge are study of sound system that called phones or speech sounds. Students come from the different areas that have differents sounds system with the second language including english. The students will meet difficulties in their learning process may be easily understood because since childhood they...
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