Research Essay Health Care Reform

Topics: Health care, Healthcare reform, Health insurance Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: October 28, 2012
English 101
May 7, 2012
Health Care Reform
The health care reform legislation has been a massive debate in the past years due to its constitutionality in government requiring health insurance to all Americans (Mears). If the reform were enacted, then the government would help the low and middle-income families by proving subsidies to pay the insurance policies. On the other hand, the reform would not benefit those Americans who do not want to purchase an insurance policy and they would face fines (Mascaro). Even though the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree in the propositions of the health care reform, a single payer system is needed for all of those who are uninsured and cannot afford to buy a private insurance (Mears). In order for private insurances to still be earning a profit and at the meantime providing insurance to those who were denied before, government has to spread the cost among all Americans by increasing tax percentage to taxpayers. Increasing tax percentage by at least two percent would allow everyone to have basic health coverage (Walker). Those who want quality care and do not wish to participate may withdrawal at any time but must enter into contract with a private insurance. In the past decade, employees have seen their premiums nearly double (Cutler). As a consequence many Americans are uninsured and the American health care system is in need of a reform to help the millions of people who cannot afford to pay for a private insurance. As Cutler, a professor of economics at Harvard, said, “Without the health reform, more than 15 million of Americans may lose their coverage over the next decade and go without insurance”. Premiums are just too high and some individuals are not earning enough money to be paying those high amounts in insurance. If those individuals do not have health insurance it is going to cost more to the taxpayers if they get into an accident and need to go to emergency rooms (Conan). On the other hand with...
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