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Communication Studies

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using books for research, versus using the Internet.

Research refers to the systematic investigation into, and study of materials and sources, in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Research is very vital to mental growth and knowledge. It enables us to learn more about the world in which we live, its inhabitants and a wide variety of topics and events that occur. There are several methods in which information can be obtained for research. Popular examples of these methods are through books and the Internet. Although both methods are very effective, there are some advantages to using books to conduct research, versus using the Internet. The validity of books is superior to that of the Internet, in that scholarly books contain authoritative information. Hence, they give you legitimate sources of information. A variety of books allow for research to be more diverse, increasing its accuracy. Whereas, different persons are allowed unto the Internet and permitted to alter information, making it unreliable and vulnerable. Data is therefore inaccurate, as people can change information and claim credibility without any proof. When using books to conduct research it forces the researcher to think, and form their own ideas and opinions. This allows for mental development, rather than ‘spoon-feeding’ the reader with straightforward information, like that found on the Internet, which is often the main cause of plagiarism. Some persons may not have complete access to the Internet and therefore books allow for more convenience, and even comfort to those who may not even be familiar with how the Internet itself works. There are some, however, who prefer to use the Internet to conduct research rather than using books. This is due to some of the disadvantages of using books for research, versus the Internet. Books can be time consuming; it will take quite some time if one is to...
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