Topics: Franchising, Business model, Marketing Pages: 3 (528 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Research Title: Franchising Being Patronized By McDonalds
Thesis Statement: Through Franchising many businesses were able to survive the world’s fast changing economy. This study will help us understand why companies, especially McDonalds patronize the world of franchising. I. Introduction

A. Statement of the Problem

B. Objectives of the study

C. Relevance of the study

D. Definition of Terms

II. Review of related literature and studies

A. Foreign Literature

B. Local Literature

III. Methodology of the study

A. Research Design

B. Respondents of the study

C. Sampling techniques

D. Means of data analysis

IV. Conclusion

V. Recommendation

Franchising Being Patronized By McDonalds

Franchising today has continuously grown worldwide. But its growth mainly depend on the

Performance of the economy as a whole. Against this, business franchising concentrated more on

Service oriented activities. Based on the principle of cloning success franchise failure rights are

Low. According to small business researchers franchising has been argued to be of particular

Importance. Franchising is a popular method for entrepreneurs to gain entry to a market.

With franchising arrangements, the franchisee uses a recognized brand name and operates under

The general guidelines of the franchiser. Even though the franchising arrangement takes place in

Many types of industries, they are most known in the fast food market segment. Generally,

Franchisers in this market also operate their own “company-owned” stores, which can bring the

Company into competition with independent franchisees. Additions to these franchisees are

Reliant on the franchiser to provide marketing for the product.

Buying a franchise is an option that many people looking to manage their own small business

Should consider, as there are a number of advantages to joining this...
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