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Topics: Management, Leadership, Organization Pages: 10 (1374 words) Published: December 3, 2012

Module Details

Course Location: Phnom Penh
Department: Faculty of Business Management & Globalization Pre-requisite: Nil
Co-requisite: Nil
Credits: 3
Contact hours: 4 hours (2 hours lectures + 2 hours tutorials) No. of weeks: 14 teaching weeks + Mid-Term Exam week + Final Examination week Teaching method: Lectures, tutorials, case studies, group presentation, use of the Internet for up-to-date global Information

Lecturer’s Name: Fe D. Prudenciado
E-mail : Web-site : Contact Number : (011) 513248

Venue:Classroom 6
Day:Tuesday & Friday

Time: 1:00pm–3:00pm

Prepared by: Fe PrudenciadoChecked by:

Signature: Date: 28 August 2012Signature : Date

This document comprises the following:

▪ Module Introduction
▪ Module Aims & Objectives
▪ Learning Outcome
▪ Specific Generic Learning Skills
▪ Syllabus + Lecture Outline
▪ References
▪ Assessment Schedule
▪ Assessment Criteria
▪ Specific Criteria

Other documents as follows will be issued to you on an ongoing basis throughout the semester:

▪ Handouts for Assignments
▪ Submission Requirements + Guidelines


This is an introductory module about the management of organizations. It provides instruction in fundamental concepts of management that have general applicability to all types of enterprises; basic management philosophy and decision making; principles involved in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; and recent concepts in management.


The objective of this module is to expose students to the historical background and theories of management, organizational theory, and the practice of management in contemporary organizations from a conceptual, analytical, and pragmatic perspective. The module is a study of how to be effective managers and aims at developing skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage an organization.


Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

1. Understand fundamental concepts and principles of management, including the basic roles, skills, and functions of management; 2. Be knowledgeable of historical background and theories of management; 3. Be aware of the ethical dilemmas faced by managers and the social responsibilities of business. 4. Be familiar with interactions between the environment, technology, human resources, and organizations in order to achieve high performance; 5. Understand the types of decisions made in business, and be familiar with the steps in the decision-making process. 6. Understand the importance of effective leadership for the success of the organization.


This module will help students in developing skills in:

• Management problem solving and decision making thru case studies, midterm and final examinations, and group project • Creative thinking thru assignments, case studies, and classroom discussions • Communication (oral and written) through assignments, case study discussions and examinations • Ethics through lectures and assignments

• International issuesthrough case studies, assignments, classroom discussions and examinations • Teamwork through group case studies and project



LECTURE 1:CHAPTER 1: introduction to management and organizations

Lecture Synopsis:Who are Managers? What is Management?What do Managers do? What is an Organization? Why study Management? Handout:slides
TutorialsThinking about Management Issues: Questions 1, 2, 3, and 6 (p. 54)...
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