Requirimiento, 1514:

Topics: Dominican Order, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Latin America Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Requirimiento, 1514: In 1514, the Requerimiento was put forth by the Spanish conquistadors toward indigenous people to state that they had all power over them and that the Bible was the proof behind their actions of doing so. While God has brought about the human race, the heavens, and the earth, there have also been many descendants from Adam and Eve. Many of these have began to go in their own way because they could not find peace remaining as one province. There was a pope who was given the right and leadership to have his own jurisdiction. He had those few beneath him who were given power as well over their main lands. Many under them have abided fairly well as they were treated good and respected their demands. The indigenous people were to obey in order to be treated with respect. If they did not obey, there would be consequences in which one would never wish upon oneself. The people were to accept what they were told, to beseech under their leaders, and to follow the religious beliefs as this was a gift to them of having the freedom that they do have. If one did not obey, he/she was to be harmed, tortured, and hunted down until they would abide by the given demands. They would go onto your land without the persons say so, take your family away from you making them into slaves, and would sell them and you as an order. They felt God was behind them as they would do all the harm and hurt to you for you not abiding by the Lord’s rule.

Bartolome de las Casas criticizes abuse on Hispañola, quoting Fray Anton Montesino, 1550: The Dominicans felt the Spanish had lack of emotion for the natives as they did not show interest in their suffering and cruel imprisonment and had more concerns of their own wealth and prosperity. Some Spaniards were more malicious as they would rid all the natives if it was in their benefit and would add to their riches, while the lesser of them respected the natives more and were not as hateful, but put their own good firsthand. The...
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