Requirements Engineering and Management

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Requirements Engineering and Management
Valentinos Case Study

DR J. Chattratichart
Submission deadline
10am on 16 November 2012

Muhammad Gara Abdulrahman

Question 1:
Project Initiation products
Project vision statement
For customers who want to use the match making service to look for companionship, the new match making software is an information system that will allow customers to use the dating service online without having to wait a long period before doing so and allows direct payment online. The software will be able to automatically match customers according to their criteria upon registration and will update customer profile easily. Accessibility of Information from the database will be accessed quicker due to the new developed a more secured system. Once the registration process is complete, the new software will allow customers to view new members; and emails will be sent by the Administration Staff to the registered emails regularly to allow customers to view new match list. Unlike the old system, our new system comes with matching software, which automatically generates list of new match for customer. The new system will be 60% faster, saving time by allowing customer to register within 3-5min. Scope diagram

Potential benefits
* Increase the number of customers
* Increase company revenue
* Reduction on maintenance fee
* Faster and more efficient
* User friendly, easy navigation
* Automated match listing software.
* Secure payment

* Using the electronic mail will save cost of posting mails to customers, because there is no charge for sending. * The system will allow customers to print their user details or any information directly from the website, instead of having to send them through post, this will save a lot of money.

* Offering customers with different range of services by paying different registration fee will offer the higher income customers with more option and better service.

Intangible Benefits
* New system will improve customer satisfaction
* Time saving
* Improving Valentinos brand name
* On the customer’s side, customers won’t need to print any of their details, because everything is saved on the database and customers can view it anytime they log into the system. * Quick and simple registration will allow customers to have a quick start and this means the number of customers will increase in no time having more list to offer customers.

* With better service, more features, more users will sign-up to the website which will increase income to Valentinos. * Service will reduce customer-waiting time, customer satisfaction will increase, and this will increase Valentino’s income per customer. * The new system will increase profit by reducing cost, unlike the current system.

Potential Cost
Development Costs:
* Cost of purchasing or creating new software
* Cost for training staff, on how to use the new system
* Staff salary
* Software license cost

Set-up Cost:
* New hardware to achieve maximum performance
* Valentinos needs to advertise their service
* High speed connection is necessary
* Cost for retaining staff

Operating Cost:
* Regular maintenance of the systems both hardware and software * Cost for miscellaneous expenses
* Customer support

* For better and faster service, this will require faster and more powerful computers....
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