Topics: Mind, Thought, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (860 words) Published: March 15, 2013

A mere reflection of what we want to see. Mere reflections of our memories. Or of us. I think representations in this poem, in terms of my perspective are a mere reflection of ourselves or what we want to think. The imagery is shown by our “representations”. In the poem the speaker defines representations as “things residing inside the brain.” (Sanes). I guess this kind of relates to my definition because representations are what we see, from our perspective. What we think and feel, our emotions expressed through our reflections is residing inside our brain. There is a lot of imagery described here, for example “from childhood memories to the feeling of pain, and from the sound of a sigh to the sight of rain”. (Sanes). This is also a rhyme, and I think the poet purposely made it this way, for us as readers to think back to our childhood, how we felt pain, and we felt happy at the sight of rain. He was trying to put emphasis on those two words (pain and rain) to make us realize our past is valuable, and that when we get older these are just representations or reflections of our past. I could go on with the many rhymes the poet had put in this poem to make us think about what is real and what is not. Another one is “in a world full of falsehood, where things are unclear, our task (that’s our choice) is to move beyond fear.” (Sanes). Well there will always be false acquisitions in life that we will encounter, and it is our choice whether to accept falsehood, or to avoid it (get away from your fears). “We’re stuck in a fictional person” (Sanes) is a line I thought that could be a metaphor. The poet is comparing human beings to fictional characters that appear in books. We are living in dreams, in books, where everything is right, where everywhere is paradise. Seems like the ideal place to live, like your own “Utopia”. I think everything that is done in life, or what our reflections tell us, is from our point of view. Important words that...
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