Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper

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  • Published : April 7, 2012
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Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper
Lawrence D. Williams
Health Care Financial Accounting

Financial management is a very complex process across the business organizations. The increasing competition, complexity of business, rising expectations of investors etc can lure any organization to use unethical financial management tactics to make their books look better. But this can be extremely chaotic In future. Healthcare organizations are especially prone to such practices because of the extreme financial pressure and critical nature of business operations. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the different aspects of the financial management, generally accepted accounting principles and the suggested ethical practices in this regard. Financial management is not merely a record of debits and credits. It is a measure of the health of an organization. The four elements of financial management consist of: planning, control, organizing and directing, decision making. The business operations must be planned and the management must be well aware of all the business aspects. The management needs to follow a systematic process to make ethical decisions in sync with the goals of the organization. It must be ensured that sufficient fund is available to perform business operations in time. The management must have the control of business operations and thus the financial activities. The management needs to ensure that each part of the organization is adhering to the goals established for it. The management needs to decide how effectively the resources can be used to achieve the goals. This helps in maintaining the financial health of the organization. There is always a possibility of a financial situation in an organization when a difficult decision is to be taken. Such circumstances require prompt decision making capability along with the understanding of the consequences of the decisions. In addition to the complexity of financial management,...
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