Report: Study of Mobile Phone Addiction and Usage Behavior Among Youths

Topics: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, Rotary dial Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: April 19, 2013

Name: Tang Hua 1124070
Lecturer: Song Haiyan
Submission Date: 1 April 2013

The purpose of this report is to investigate the mobile phone addiction and usage behaviors focused on young users and research the relationships of them. The research shows that most of young users keep their phones on hand all the day because they need to contact with friends through talking on the phone or text message with them. In addition, as the development of internet, people can release fresh news anytime at anywhere. Anyone else could see that and they could exchange ideas about fashions on the phone through internet too. Besides, the author believed that the more use of mobile phone, the more attendant problem will appear. The conclusion has shown that the relationship between mobile phone addiction and usage behavior is cause and effect. Peer relationship restrict them have to take their mobile phone everywhere, it is quite possible to be addicted in the mobile phone uses and lead to some bad usage behaviors. The recommendations of the report are focused on young people restrictions. On the other hand, young people should also be encouraged to engage in some extra activities after class to build up their true relationships and learning some living skills. Introduction

In this day and age, it is universally acknowledged that mobile phone is among the most prominent kinds of information and communications technology (ICT) and is probably also the one that has shown the most spectacular development during the past few years with regard to technological innovations, social impact, and general use by the majority of the population (M. Choliz, 2013). Especially in young people, mobile phones are spreading in popularity, increase their social communication frequency and expand their opportunities for making social relationships (Igarashi et al., 2005 and Matsuda,...
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