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SmartPhones For Youth Is A Need Or A Want

Smartphones & Youth
The Smart Phone is more popular among todays youth as it not only provides entertainment but also serves as a guide, making it a helpful instrument for their education and extra curricular activities. Smart Phones serve as a symbol status as well. Todays environment is such that it demands our youth to have the most up to date gadgets. In todays competitive world, smartphones help youngsters keep themselves updated while saving time. Smartphones allow for easier internet browsing which assists users in getting and using any information at their fingertips. It serves as a means for entertainment and socializing for youth. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Orkut are widely used among youngsters and can be checked using smartphones. Smartphones are built with high speed processing and have a large amount of storage space, allowing internet browsing and downloading all that much easier. Because of its high processing speed and big screen, it is a joy to watch movies or play games on Smart Phones. The core reason behind the phones popularity and success with todays youth is because it serves as a dual benefit; entertainment and learning. For example, if a student wants to prepare a project or needs some information related to the topic, he or she can simply search for it without having to log in into computer or laptop. Data shows that out of eight countries examined, Italy leads in smartphone access, out of which 47% comprises of youngsters aged between 15 to 24 years while 31% are adults aged above 25 years. Some popular Smart phones are the Rim BlackBerry Curve 8530, Nokia N900, Nokia E63, HTC HD2, Samsung Moment, Motorola Droid, RIM BlackBerry Storm 9530, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Motorola Backflip and RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000. In the month of February, the Rim BlackBerry Curve 8530 has been rated as the most popular smartphone. Consumers have voted this handset as the number one phone on the market. The Touch Screen Phone model has a redesigned look with QVGA display and a QWERTY keypad. It also includes Wi-Fi connection, which so many people today demand. Ratings given are on the basis of Wi-Fi, the QWERTY keyboard, coverage maps and information management tools. Nokia N900 has been rated second. This phone uses a new operating system called Maemo 5. The Nokia E63 rounds out the top three in the race for the best. The Tablet has replaced the laptops, which one can use as a computer as well as mobile phones.

Youth Wants
* Brand
Be it an addition to their wardrobe, be it a nice new funky watch, be it a cool pair of shoes, youth always like to tagged with branded products. So why lag behind when it comes to gadgets or a cool new smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Y is one of them, a pure blend of Samsung Inc. and Android OS. Samsung being the leader, has done a job worth appreciating by launching Samsung Galaxy Y, thus targeting the youth. Not only branded, this cool gadget has a lot of room for alluring features and specifications. * Easy To Carry Device

Youth symbolizes energy, hot blooded generation, no time to take care of things they carry, that’s why Samsung has designed it a easy to carry device, small design, rough looks capable of wearing and tearing’s. Samsung Galaxy Y being of compact design provides easy handling and does not provide any hindrance in carrying the device. * Connectivity Features

Youth want to socialize, want to stay in touch with their friends and followers, this is the reason, Why Samsung Galaxy Y has all sort of connectivity features using which our new generation can socialize with others on the go. This mere gadget has all the powerful features a user can expect in a budget Android Smartphone according to the ongoing trend. Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi are the features which makes it a powerful gadget worth targeting the new generation. * Good music

Though, camera and features can be compromised, but a...
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