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1 1 1. Abstract2 2. Introduction3 3. Cement Process4 3.1 Process Of Quarry crushing 3.2 Process Of Grinding 3.2.1 Dry Process 3.2.2 Wet Process 3.2.3 Semi-Dry Process 3.3 Rotary Kiln 3.3.1 Dry Process 3.3.2 Wet Process 3.4 Finish Grinding 3.5 Storage and Loading Process 4. Product from YTL Cement 4.1 Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 4.2 Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBC) 4.3 Portland blast furnace cement 4.4 High slag blast furnace cement 4.5 Pulverised-fuel ash (PFA) 4. 6 Portland pulverised-fuel ash cement 4.7 Pozzolanic pulverised-fuel ash cement 4. 8 Portland composite cement 4. 9 Masonary cement 4.10 Example of hydration process for all type of cement from YTL Cement. 4.10.1 Hydration ordinary Portland cement 4.10.2 Hydration of pulverised-fuel ash 4.10.3 Hydration of slag cement GGBS 4.11 Heat of hydration5. Promotion of energy conservation technique 5.1 Step 1 - Good Housekeeping 5.2 Step 2 - Equipment Improvement 5.3 Step 3 – Process Improvement 6. Effects of the Cement Industry towards Environment. 6.1 The emissions of carbon dioxide gas (CO2). 6.2 Heavy metals emissions in the air. 6.3 Landslides 6.4 Sound pollution 6.5 Emissions of nitrous oxide (NOx) 6. 6 Emissions of the dust 6.7 Water pollution 6. 8 Emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) 7. Sustainable Development 7.1 Carbon management 7.2 Nitrous oxide control 7.3 Usage of alternative raw materials and fuels 7.4 Monitoring dust emissions 7.5 Waste management 7. 6 Concrete Durability 7.7 Water pollution control 8. Future Prospect 9. Conclusion 10. Reference| |

The aim of this project is to learn in closer view about manufacturing process specified in Malaysia. Despite learning the theory during the class, it is essential for us to explore more about this industry in a close sight. To implement this requirement, our group with Pn. Fazlena Hamzah guidance made a trip to Slag Cement Sdn Bhd in Westport, Klang in order to accomplish our project. This report will explain well about our chosen industry starting with the extracting of raw materials, process take place in factory, sustainability problems, sustainability development, cement future prospect and the promotion of energy conservation technique. Approaching the processes in making the cement, the three main elements are considered which starting at extracting raw materials, grinding process, clinker burning and end with storage and loading process. Next, in the scope of sustainability problem, we will explain briefly about the waste and products formed as the resultant materials throughout the processes implemented. Reaching to the sustainability development, the management of waste by the company is introduced. As an extra, the elaboration on the ways of conserving energy and the effects of the industry towards the environment and the unhandled sustainability issue will be clipped together in this report.

2. Introduction
The conservation of energy is an essential step we can all take towards overcoming the mounting problems of the worldwide energy crisis and environmental degradation. In particular, developing countries are interested to increase their awareness on the inefficient power generation and energy usage in their countries. However, usually only limited information sources on the rational use of energy are available.The...
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